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  1. Scammers/bots are getting much worse!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

  2. Let me understand this; a proof of stake consensus such as Cardano which has been founded by a person who contributed to the Ethereum network has less capability and innovation over a coin known as (Dogecoin) who I might add the founder sold all of his coins because he thought it was a "Meme project". Has Mark Cuban lost his rational thought with reality?!

  3. Smart guy Except he is obviously not a programmer and did not speak to the failed implementation of Haskell (stupid language to use) on Ada. Failed project.

  4. We need those stupid comments about Cardano,it will literally motivate Charles and the crew to work even harder.

  5. Don't care about cardano ⚠️
    If u only roast cardano than just stay silence !
    Go suck vitalik and his 10000% nice eth. 😆

    Don't talk shit about a nice blockchain like Cardano ⚠️

    /slowly start to use the "unfollow" Button here and on Twitter…many "independent" media just ignore and talks sh!t about cardano…./🤡

  6. I think Mark Cuban doesn't understand how gas prices work completely. Just because the price of Ethereum goes up it doesn't mean gas prices go up. It's dependent on the network load.

  7. Excellent show. I found the one thing that Mark said interesting was about AI or artificial humans. I think that should be looked at and how we could use these artificial humans in the MetaVerse or RealWorld applications that could be tokenized

  8. “The metaverse has no rhyme or reason.”🤨he clearly hasn’t seen “ready player one” or “free guy” that clearly shows how the metaverse is full of “why not”. Sure, the infrastructure is in its infancy stage, true, but of course metaverse platforms that gains favor in the “survival of the fittest” pruning & development of the overall metaverse positions themselves the opportunity to win a blue chip position in the future as everything matures & interoperate seamlessly.

  9. 25:36 Here you can see that Mark is stuck in the dimension of his success. You are on a team who judges whats next and yet you cant come up with a better example? Its like a freestyle rapper that cant freestyle???

  10. When was the last time a billionaire wants to help you get rich? He was wrong since the begining and projects he invested in got rugged pulled.

    Don't trust him

  11. transactions, due to eUTXO on Cardano, is not a valid metric. however, the total fees generated he eluded to is a very valid point. I’ll be looking into this a lot more in my comparison analysis going forward.

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