MAJOR Cryptocurrency News for 2021! Should I Buy Bitcoin? Ethereum? Financial Advisor Explains!

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  1. The mainstream media's job is 2 keep the average person stupid and uninformed. All major mainstream media outlets are owned by multi-billion dollar global corporations. So if you trust them then your really trusting the corporations. Can anyone name one corporation that tells the truth. And because of operation mocking bird the cia has infiltrated these networks to feed us a steady diet of propaganda. We are living in a propaganda war there has never been so much disinformation in the world as there is today

  2. MAHADAO (MAHA) is my Pickup for 2021

    $DAI + $MKR competitor with only $20m fdv, same team from EasyFi. Current mcap less than 2mm. Near 10k tg members, looks to have all the ingredients. 6X only for 5 day

  3. Can someone help me please, I've had a coinbase uk account for months now with no problems at all and all of a sudden I have 'account restricted' when I try to make a purchase?
    I have put in a support ticket but havent had a reply . I dont understand why and they havent replied to explain anything.
    Has anybody else had this problem?
    My account is as normal until i try to make a purchase i dont understand what the problem is

  4. Does Deccentralized Exchange Token is good to buy, I was thinging to buy Bitcratic – BCTR Token

    which model is good. Uniswap Liquidy Pool vs Bitcratic revenue sharing. It is worth buying Bitcratic BCTR token

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