Major Altcoin Rallies Incoming Before End of Year for XRP LINK & MATIC?

Chainlink Price Chart (LINK)

As the crypto market wraps up a volatile year marked by broad drawdowns, a handful of large cap digital assets appear primed for strong finishes to close out 2023.

Ripple’s XRP, Chainlink’s LINK, and Polygon’s MATIC have all exhibited bullish on-chain behavior and technical setups that could foreshadow significant rallies, especially if the risk asset environment improves heading into the holidays.


  • XRP price has pulled back recently but is holding support around $0.6 and 1,600 SAT, with a potential bullish reversal incoming
  • A bull flag pattern has emerged which could lead to a 20%+ price surge if it breaks out upward
  • Analysts point to strengthening fundamentals including whale accumulation activity and an upcoming XRP ETP launch
  • Chainlink has introduced an upgrade to its staking capabilities called Staking v0.2
  • LINK price has surged over 30% in the past month to around $14.90
  • Whale LINK transactions involving $100k+ have spiked 1,145% in the past day
  • LINK has strong support around $13.15-$13.50; if bullish momentum continues it could reach $20
  • Polygon whales have acquired over 120 million MATIC tokens worth $90 million in past week
  • This is one of the largest accumulation sprees recorded recently, showing strong bullish interest
  • Upgrades to Polygon’s zkEVM technology and integrations with platforms like Binance are expanding its ecosystem
  • MATIC price has surged 17% in past month, likely fueled in part by the whale accumulatio

XRP Price

XRP holders could be on the cusp of a significant price expansion headed into the final weeks of 2022. According to crypto analyst NCashOfficial, strengthening on-chain activity, technical patterns playing out, and unique year-end dynamics have primed Ripple’s native token for major upside.

After peaking near $0.8 in mid-October, XRP has pulled back substantially over recent weeks. It currently trades around $0.6, testing an important support level on its USD and Bitcoin-denominated charts. However, NCashOfficial believes the consolidation has given way to a high-probability bull flag pattern that precedes strong upward continuations when resolved.

The pattern’s implied target stands around 20%, which would place XRP back above $0.7 by year’s end. But the analyst sees much greater potential than that, eyeing a rapid surge back toward the $0.9 – $1.0 area amid a strengthening fundamental backdrop.

On-chain data validates this view, with major XRP accumulation observed over the past week. Whales have purchased nearly $7 million worth of the token recently, typically a precursor to significant appreciation. XRP also stands to gain from an exchange-traded product (ETP) set for launch next month, which will give investors broader access much like an ETF.

Strengthening fundamentals coincide with unique year-end tailwinds for XRP as well. As opposed to strong Decembers in the broader crypto market, Ripple’s native asset has historically underperformed during the last month of the year. Statistically, XRP is overdue for a break from that trend.

The ongoing legal battle with the SEC should also prove bullish if history repeats. Previous lulls in the lawsuit tend to be followed by major surges, keeping XRP investors perpetually optimistic.

Considering the confluence of bullish technical and fundamental factors, NCashOfficial believes XRP offers asymmetric upside potential headed into December. A far larger move than analysts currently expect seems possible, especially if certain trigger events like a legal resolution suddenly accelerate adoption.

LINK Price

An upgrade to Chainlink’s staking protocol and a spike in large transaction volumes has LINK trading bullishly. The oracle network’s native token has rallied 30% over the past month, now changing hands around $14.90. Additional price appreciation may be ahead amid strong on-chain activity.

Chainlink Price Chart (LINK)

On November 28th, Chainlink introduced Staking v0.2, the latest iteration of its proof-of-stake network. The upgrade bolsters security guarantees through an adaptive rewards system and modular architecture. It’s a core component of Chainlink’s broader push towards Economic 2.0, which aims to greatly expand the protocol’s total value secured.

Data shows the staking development has coincided with a sharp uptick in whale activity. Over the past 24 hours, transactions involving $100k+ worth of LINK jumped over 1,100% from 176 to 2,198. Large transaction volumes spiking this rapidly often precedes high volatility, as whales acquire tokens aggressively.

The boost in network usage and staking participation has supported a 30% LINK price surge in the past month. LINK now eyes the $20 level according to analysts, with the $14.15-$14.60 area providing strong support during any retracements. Between this zone sits the highest concentration of addresses holding LINK, representing critical demand.

With fundamentals growing stronger, analysts say Chainlink’s impressive technical setup gives LINK holders plenty of reason for long-term optimism. As the most widely used oracle solution in the crypto industry, Chainlink stands well-positioned to capture value as adoption of decentralized finance and applications accelerates.


A clan of crypto whales has taken a growing interest in Polygon over the past week. According to analyst Ali Martinez, wallets holding at least $100,000 worth of the network’s MATIC token have accumulated over 120 million units — worth approximately $90 million. The rapid acquisition spree represents one of the largest on record and hints that those closest to Polygon see significant upside ahead.


Polygon Price Chart (MATIC)
Polygon Price Chart (MATIC)

The reasons behind the bullish whale activity appear multi-fold. For one, Polygon has firmly established itself as the leading Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, capturing growing DeFi and NFT activity due to fast and cheap transactions. The network continues enhancing its offerings through upgrades as well, including a recent revamp of its zero-knowledge technology.

These improvements have coincided with fresh adoption from top players like Binance, which integrated Polygon this month to support transfers of the popular stablecoin USDC. The progress made on both technological and integration fronts paints a bright future for Polygon’s evolving ecosystem. Whales seem eager to secure MATIC tokens before anticipated usage growth further restricts supply.

The rampant accumulation has already impacted prices. MATIC has climbed nearly 20% in the past month amid the whale stockpiling, reaching $0.75. Analysts say if the buying frenzy continues, hoarding could trigger a supply squeeze effect by decreasing liquid MATIC available on exchanges. With demand still on the rise thanks to Polygon’s developments, reduced supply could spark a strong bull run.


With fundamentals appearing solid and whales signaling confidence through aggressive accumulation, XRP, LINK, and MATIC seem well-positioned to sustain rallies heading into December.

The trio of large-cap tokens represent focused plays on various corners of the crypto ecosystem, from a legacy cross-border payments coin to two leading layer-2 scaling solutions.

While risks remain in global markets, any brightening in sentiment towards digital assets could see the coins outperform the rest of the crypto sector to close 2023.

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