Lyn Alden Ethereum Prediction! Professional Investor Explains ETH Cryptocurrency Investment 2021

Professional Investor (Lyn Alden) Explains Ethereum Investment in 2021 Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily cryptocurrency news! Read Lyn’s Full …


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  1. Summary: Ethereum is not ready for prime time. It’s a big gamble. It it very problematic and doesn’t operate at high efficiency. Ethereum has been fighting to move past is previous high and continues to get beaten down once it gets close or passes by a small amount. In this bull run so far it has been a disappointment. If Bitcoin continues to level off and does move higher Ethereum will be lucky to see 2k.

  2. I think it makes zero senses to hold Bitcoin for the rest of 2021, the price of eth is tied to bt, when bt goes up, eth goes up, and when by is flat, eth has it’s own mini bullruns……plenty of time later to convert back to bt if eth starts to flag….

  3. Yes, it is true, as my observation, last february 2020, the price of etheruem is only 7, 000 in philippine peso but now its already 70,000 in philippine peso!

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