LIVE: What is the Best Cryptocurrency Investment Right Now? | BitBoy Crypto Hangout/Interview

What is the best cryptocurrency investment right now? BitBoy of BitBoy Crypto joins us for a chill conversation about Bitcoin, DeFi Ethereum, top altcoins, AND …


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  1. Altcoin Daily – Ready Set Crypto – Chico Crypto are my top daily watches. Good information. Good research. Pretty reliable stuff. Bitboy = No way. Keep that guy off your show. It is hard to find good info on crypto. I have been in the space for years and people really need good guidance. Altcoin Daily, you should only bring on the best of the best.

  2. After hearing him ramble on about predictable cycles, you guys NEED to have Ben Cowen on from "Into the Cryptoverse" to discuss his theory of lengthening cycles and his mathematical basis for his conclusion. (It literally slaps bitboy in the face and shows his numbers are way off base)

  3. Macho mustach + clean shave. You guys were ready for the full bearded bitboy! Getting some chips for this interview. Jeez… reading comments… clearly no big fans in yr audience.

  4. Bitboy is an idiot. BITCOIN IS NOT MEANT TO BE A MEANS OF CURRENCY EXCHANGE. It's a store of value. Does anyone buy groceries with gold bars? Why do you have Bitboy on here? He's an idiot

  5. Obviously i'm behind on my vids! But I DARE you guys to bring on Richard Heart! Only asking since you mentioned you liked having other views etc..

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