LIVE: Anthony Pompliano Reveals His Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy for 2020 | Bitcoin Podcast

Co-founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano, is LIVE with us to answer ALL your bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2020 questions!


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    1:44 What Are Pomp’s Thoughts on the state of Bitcoin in 2020?
    4:08 How will This Cycle for Bitcoin in 2020 be Different from Previous Cycles of the last 10 years?
    7:03 What is Pomp’s Favorite Metric for Valuing Bitcoin? [On-Chain Metrics and Such]
    9:49 Is Anthony Pompliano a Bitcoin Maximalist? Why or Why Not?
    15:30 Check Out Pomp’s YouTube Page: Here’s Why!
    17:16 Anthony Pompliano Shares his Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy for 2020!
    20:13 What other Cryptocurrencies [Besides Bitcoin] Does Anthony Pompliano Own?
    21:52 In the Future, Do You think it Will Take DAYS to Buy Bitcoin from an Exchange due to Incredible Scarcity?
    23:17 How did Pomp Celebrate his Recent Birthday?
    23:57 Pomp’s Thoughts on the CRAZY US Stock Market in 2020?
    29:47 Are We Heading into a Recession/Depression? What will Bitcoin do?
    32:26 Does Ethereum Have Fundamental Value? Is Pomp Bullish on ETH’s Price?
    38:38 What will it take to get Pomp back on Altcoin Daily?
    38:54 What DeFi/Ethereum Projects is Pomp Bullish On?
    43:54 Would Donald Trump or Joe Biden Be Better For Bitcoin?
    45:46 What is the Best Article Pomp Has Read Lately? Anything is Fair Game!
    48:07 Final Thoughts!

  2. I like Anthony and his comments… HOWEVER, if you are 99% in BTC then you are missing the BLOCK CHAIN technology investment opportunity of a LIFETIME. Well selected plays like Chain LINK could outperform BTC by 2000%. Do some research their smart contract technology. They are working with HUGE companies that will be using their technology to analyze HUGE contracts worth millions… they are in bed with investment banks and just about every company in Silicon Valley and worldwide technology companies. They are partnered with investment banks like Fidelity Digital Assets who will be using Chain LINK to analyze 200M to Billion in derivatives. They are decentralized. Do they hold the majority on their tokens? YES. But so did Bill Gates! Did that make Microsoft a bad investment? They need added tokens to operate. How else can they reward the Node operators and ultimately holders with staking. If you are going to be around for next 100 years you can not throw all your tokens into the open market. I do not agree with people who think this whole Block Chain thing is all about BTC. That is tunnel vision. I love Tone Vays but he also promotes this tunnel vision about BTC as well. Look there is not going to a single winner in this technology space and if anyone who thinks that is the case will really miss the boat. Here is a recent block chain stupid example, Atomic Wallet Token was .15 cents a years ago. They just started staking at 20% in their wallet recently and it is now over .60 cents. That is 400% gain in a year and they have tiny float of tokens. And that is just a tiny example, there will 100's of tokens that will have success. Thinking BTC is the only player is like saying Gold is the only way to go or that Apple stock is the only way to go. I always scratch my head with the single lane thought process… I guess we can call them the BTC cult heads. Have an open mind and do not miss the blockchain technology aspect of this space. He talks about having S&P 500 crypto investment vehicle but it is still 80% all BTC?? On a balanced stock portfolio they talk about not having more than say 5%-10% of any one stock in your portfolio. Going in all BTC is saying you do not believe in Block Chain technology which makes ZERO sense to me. They say Block Chain technology is the biggest investment opportunity since the internet. If I am hearing Anthony correctly his view is that there is only one play which is investing in a coin (BTC) that could be considered extremely outdated in 10 years. Call me crazy… but that is like only investing in AOL back in 1990. Then look forward to today and we have Google and nobody remembers AOL. I would caution people to put all their eggs into one single basket that can never expand their technology or update their technology.

  3. btc is currently manipulated af.. its not worth to put a single penny into it.. as the wallstreet scamers told us som time ago – " we will tame bitcoin" and they did.. now u can just sit around, scratch ur heads and wait.. they will decide what to do next.. they will pump & dump it i circles just like they doing right now..and u can keep dreaming about bull rans and shit all day long.. gl with that

  4. what a bunch of bullocks. Sadly, BTC will remain just another interesting asset, like it is now. just a way to speculate and gain money. So, totally the opposite of its inception.

  5. Son of Satoshi says “Calm the f*ck down people! No need to feel anxious in trying to time the market or to feel impatient. This is the factual trend of bitcoin SUPPORT LEVELS that we have seen (thus far) and that we shall see in all likelihood over time”.

    2015 … 300 USD
    2017 … 1,000 USD
    2019 … 3,000 USD
    2020 … 5,000 USD <— we are here
    2021 … 8,000 USD
    2022 … 10,000 USD
    2023 … 18,000 USD
    2025 … 100,000 USD
    2030 … 1,000,000 USD

    Graph of this can be seen here

  6. Pomp is great but Bitcoin by itself doesn't work as money due to it's slow transaction time. If it needs something like Loopring to succeed, it's already failed where Bitcoin Cash solves those issues. It will be USDC or another other government stable coin that will become the norm and will be transacted on top of Ethereum or another privatized network. Bitcoin will remain but will act as a financial reserve like gold which still isn't a bad thing.

  7. Anyone who owned BTC in a single sig wallet Dec 2, 2019 00:00:00 & doesn't free claim HEX is an idiot as no risk & HEX is finished immutable contract on Ethereum blockchain with huge bonuses for those who enter & stake thru Nov 19 when launch ends including big bonuses for long stakes up to 5555 days. After launch fixed 3.69% inflation paid as yearly interest assigned daily ONLY to stakers. It does everything BTC does but unlike BTC cannot be changed & has 3 robust audits-2 security & one mathematical. See & educational videos on "Crypto Grandma Talks" YouTube playlists. It was designed to mimic banks' 2nd largest product-$7.8 Trillion market cap CDs=time-locked savings but with higher interest / if only 20% stake, interest is about 15% / if 1% tokens staked overall then interest 369% / interest proportional to % staked with minimum interest 3.69% if 100% tokens staked

  8. an investment advisor I follow recommends selling ETH to buy BTC. would love to get comments on his logic as follows: These are the reasons his is not optimistic about Ethereum’s long-term future.

    • It is not immutable and can be censored. The developers can roll back transactions and change the rules whenever they want.

    • ETH's scarcity is artificial. A group of developers – who prefer inflation – control its monetary policy, which is arbitrary, uncapped, and challenging to audit.

    • Ethereum’s premine created ownership centralization and legal risk. With so much dependent on Vitalik Buterin and others, there is also significant leadership risk.

    • Ethereum’s network infrastructure is not decentralized. Infura could be a single point of failure.

    • There is an unclear use case. What real-world problems does Ethereum solve to provide economic value?

    • The economics of the token model are not appealing.

    • Ethereum is an early-stage experiment and has enormous implementation risk.

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