Litecoin Cryptocurrency Price Prediction in 2021!!! (How It EXPLODES to $2,740!!) | MUST WATCH

Is Litecoin cryptocurrency a good investment in 2021? What will litecoin be worth in 2021? Best LTC cryptocurrency price prediction?? Let’s discuss!


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  1. How’s Bitcoin more decentralized when the creator is anonymous and owns over a million bitcoins lmao. Charlie lee sold his bag when Litecoin was still cheap to make LC completely decentralized out of good will

  2. I personally think that when the last supply of bitcoin runs out, that’s when Litecoin is going to shine the best. No one will be able to get bitcoin so they’ll have to resort to the next best thing right? That’s the reason why I’m super bullish on Litecoin and will continue to buy them regardless of the up-and-down swings, is the long-term goal for me. ?? on Litecoin ??

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