Life-Changing Moment For Ethereum (Twitter CEO ALL-IN on ETH?) | 300k Bitcoin Price Prediction

Twitter CEO has just released the ETHEREUM BULLS! Cardano Prediction | Dogecoin News | Bitcoin to 300k. Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily …


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  1. Is blockfi a safe company to vet interest from? Thinking about putting some crypto in there but dont want to get scammed as I have before. Any good info or opinions would be great!

  2. Honest question: Is it not pronounced DOGGYCOIN like a dog e-coin? I thought that was the purpose originally with the meme

  3. Ethereum? Oh yeah, I remember that. Well, we can at least give Ethereum an award for "Also Ran" for inventing the Smart Contract. lol With technologies like Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Cardano, Ethereum is losing MAJOR ground!

  4. Hi, my friends
    I want to understand your ideas on PolkaCover. Best insurance system and seems they will go to the moon soon. Do you think I can earn some money with them?

  5. Any piece of advice on insurance?
    Just found PolkaCover and wanna know your position. They offer great insurance for any crypto, DeFi or NFT asset. Their marketplace is good and they provide variable staking possibilities. So should I buy more?

  6. It feels interesting, dude. BTW, I want to notice you that this JustBet product is genuinely cool. I rarely see casino that are fully licensed and with programs to stake and mining

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