Learn How To Trade Cryptocurrency with Boss Crypto! [Day Trading/Market Analysis]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team! I’ve been taking this course for a couple months. I like it. They do provide value. This is a paid review of the course. You will get to see …


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  1. I appreciate the review. I fee the downside is i dont like waiting a whole month just to get an extra course. Give it to me all at once. Im a fast learner and it's not going to take me 6 Months to learn TA and charts. That's just my 2 Satoshis *Lark Voice.

  2. I've been telling you guys for a while that the bottom is not in yet, and prices are headed much, much lower (and probably to zero for most alt-coins). You may find my comments annoying, but as a matter of fact I'm on your side. I'm the lone contrarian giving you some cold, hard truths while everyone else is still delusional.
    Get out while you can, or at least don't put anymore of your hard earned money into this scheme!

  3. Hi. I have obviously followed u for like 9 months and now you are changing to infomercials? Not cool. BitCoinChris is starting too. Stick to yer guns n provide news, not commercials. You will lose following. Love the news not the "paid", long, waste of data time. Love this channel.

  4. I haven’t watched your whole video yet, but I have one question. Does this teacher actually show his trades to show his profit? I feel like that’s an absolute must for anybody trying to sell a course, and if they’re not showing their own trades and profits then I can’t get behind them.

  5. NEVER pay to learn how to trade, nothing new to learn or know about trading that hasnt been done for over a hundred years, just look up trend following on how it's best done, use MINIMAL indicators, the trick is in how you manage risk

  6. Keep up the good work. I am not a day trader but I can listen and try learn something or just wait for the next video. I also like getting paid for what I do. Thanks for the disclaimer and the button that lets people skip the video if they don’t want to listen.

  7. If you are being compensated for this review—which I assume "paid review" implies—your credibility suffers a lot, although I give you credit for being honest about it.

  8. I appreciated hearing about what sounds like a good course. Since 99 dollars a month is a lot to just let it keep running, what would you say is the right number of months 2 get a full expertise from the course? And are there any statistics on their own success in trading?

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