LEAKED: Video PROVES Russian President Vladimir Putin Knows A LOT About Bitcoin + Jack Podcast Clip!

Resurfaced video from 2018 PROVES Putin knows MUCH MORE about Bitcoin than we ever thought. WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO & SEE JACK DORSEY ON …


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  1. Timestamp: ?
    1:06 – Video Clip Of Putin Talking Cryptocurrency
    1:47 – Proof The Translation Is Accurate
    1:55 – Could You Imagine Trump Talking Like This
    2:05 – My Thoughts About Putin
    2:27 – Many Smart People Are Talking About Bitcoin
    2:55 – Clip #1 Jack Dorsey On Lex Fridman’s Podcast Talking Bitcoin
    5:24 – My Thoughts About Clip #1
    6:08 – Clip # 2: Lead In To Clip #2: Jack Talking ABout What Bitcoins Gonna Fix!
    8:54 – Address That Own .1 BTC Or More Are At An ALL TIME HIGH
    9:26 – End

  2. Vlad certainly knowz. He definitely knows how to do analysis, and every country that has ever been in the crosshairs of the USA, seeks all means to evade the USA's ability to wage economic warfare on their nations. He also spoke with Vitalik extensively about blockchain tech. Not a stupid d00d.

  3. Interesting to hear putin talk about cryptocurrencies… Even thought Russia recently invested Alot into gold… I believe that gold is going to be used as some sort of "reserve" for holding the Russian economy stable for the longterm future.

  4. So he knows that bitcoin is decentralized and thats some big deal. If we are amazed that a world leader grasps the simple concept of a decentralized currency something is seriously wrong with our leadership expectations lol

  5. Western leaders have a habit of looking down to inventions from the people. If an invention doesn't fit into their top down way of thinking they deem it unworthy of their attention. Putin may not be such a nice guy, but surely he will not let others outsmart him.

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