LEAKED: The US in HEAVY Accumulation as NEW Bitcoin Institutional Investor REVEALED

BREAKING: New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) today disclosed, in an SEC filing, that it closed a $190 million bitcoin fund. Cryptocurrency in the US …


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  1. 190 mil is a drop in the bucket for them…thats like me throwing 20 bucks in just in case it goes up to insane numbers someday

  2. Been waiting for this. The best exchange #MXC finally opening an order book for $PNK. Good to see my long-term bag $PNK gets what it deserves.
    ?$PNK started to move. Secured some on @MXC_Exchange

  3. What IRS does in US is highly criminal. They enforce taking the peoples money,( even they just can and do print it brrr for their friends in wallstreet ) if you dont pay thay put you in jail! Land of the free, home of the brave… well. This is like ancient Rome dude. You dont pay you die.
    In Europe if you dont trade, and hold more then an year is considered investing, just like having a home for more then 3 y. no taxes on any gains. Officially. At least that. We are slaves too thou

  4. Could you talk about Pundi X and Fantom. Both outperforming everything in the last days . Pundi X has recently sealed a deal with PayPal! Also ONE(Harmony) is on a roll and so is Elrond! Elrond was also proposed by the European Union as one of the top 10 crypto currencies to adopt and has plans to be adopted by the Romanian government!

  5. This is a great step for democracy, personal freedom, and the United States. What we know as Bitcoin today will be tremendously different in the future. As much as we want to use Virtual currency in the concepts of anonymity. We are still people Halo tribal culture. This is a great way of bringing in investors through a trusted portal. The people that will take the risks like us will always be taking them. But to make this technology evolve and last the test of time we need to introduce it to the masses. I'm tremendously excited of the technology that uses the blockchain and combinations. Also the computing power and the mining is a great step in technology bring everything with it including power.

  6. ???? Finance workers & Bankers are always slimy, untrustworthy snakes. They will publicly tell you that Bitcoin is a scam & Cryptocurrencies are the devil, but then they will be secretly buying for their clients on the down-low. This is because they are aware of how thin the offers, if they ignite a bull-run it will be very painful to not have accumulated and watch BTC push to $25k and tickle higher ????

  7. all fine and dandy for headlines but this doesnt really mean bitcoin is going to moonshot. its just means that there is more of a reason to control it. look at gold and silver or any other commodity for that matter. When these people accumulate they do it quietly without influencing the price. So if you expect to gain from this, just know they are gaining too. and your cash out will be a lot different from their cash out. sure they never market sell their entire stack. instead they just open a short position until they can gather more investors to invest and then they long it. rinse and repeat. they face to make a lot more money than the average investor on the small moves of bitcoin

  8. As usual social media people trying to bring more people onboard, and same with this institutions who are deep in the water bringing in lot more to push the prices up to but their profits.

  9. Hi thank you for this information great video, I use CoinTracker, how does that compare to cripple trader can you please explain the difference? Are they both safe? Thank you

  10. So whenre ppl going to start being able to cash out even from negative positions? People agree with me if you two are under water in your investment and are tired of waiting

  11. I’ve sold 1/3 of my bitcoin last week and spread it into 4 alts. Kyber,ada,chain link and vechain. Tired of holding the 3 bitcoins that don’t move at all. The alt coins are where the profits are as of now

  12. Good review Austin, I've been using ZendLedger for the last couple of tax years. It sure does make doing taxes for crypto easy. I will put these guys on my radar and compare the two.

  13. It was likely the CIA that created Bitcoin to send money anonymously to black ops. But it could have presented initially unforeseeable opportunities. Since whoever made bitcoin holds at LEAST one million bitcoin they can just wait for big money to finally jump in pumping the price high, before selling off, leaving the institutional money with the bag, in a sense robbing them. Until now only retail Joes have been losing money during this 'create the illusion of a winning track record' period . Whoever created bitcoin could see this as an opportunity to rob big money and make the ponzi scheme complete. Why do you think the majority of billionaires haven't touched bitcoin? The only thing that a whale has to fear is another whale. And in the world of crypto the mother of all whales is the creator of bitcoin.

  14. My mother mentioned to her advisor that she is pulling her money to put in bitcoin. Haha. He acted like he had barely heard of it and that it sounded risky. He is fine with her going broke and into a home, not his skin. They have to be like that or they would have been revolted by their own industry years ago.

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