LAST CHANCE: Bitcoin Just Got A MASSIVE Endorsement! Ethereum Ready To Explode! Cryptocurrency News

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  1. Bitcoin is a rich man junk. Ir's energy wasteful old tech without an
    option to upgrade. Obsolete Hype.. Eather is evolving tech with a future
    and is going to replace Bitcoin in 2021 after major upgrades. Volume
    will shift towards Eather and Bitcoin will die out and go to zero pretty
    fast. Get Real.

  2. Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track…⛹?‍♂️

    2012 and 2016 halvings signified the arrival of the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges ⛱

  3. So who else invested their $1200 stimulus check right into BTC? I did, and oh boy the returns has been amazing thus far! It's soon gonna be ALT's who will take the spotlight though, XRP did great today.. Got my eyes on Blocknet which will further decentralize Ethereum, which is pretty cool.

    Great analysis, keep up the good work. I liked the video as I usually do! 😀

  4. Government could have regulated Crypto to death years ago if they wanted to. They obviously have some plan for it

    Maybe fits in to the currency reset that has been talked about

  5. Why BTC when you can be a part of the future with ETH…? Ask yourself whats more valuable…? Apple/Tesla or Gold? What has staying power? Those with an IQ above room temp. will understand where the future begins.

  6. Bitcoins is the best source of income in this earth and best online Investement…… John H. Anderson use bitcoins to changed my financial status for the best…all thanks to him

  7. I wish i could post a pic here. Im on vacation to a small country (dominican republic) and i just passed a BTC atm with a huge Bitcoin sign that EVERYONE that drives by can see it. And its on a main street

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