Kraken Slashes Deposit Fees to Zero

Kraken is pleased to announce that deposit fees for more than 70 supported digital assets have been reduced to zero, beginning today. This will make it even easier for seven million clients – and counting – to purchase crypto on Kraken’s premium exchange platform, as well as help Kraken fulfill one of its core objectives: to make the life-changing potential of digital assets available to all, irrespective of background. 

“Kraken remains laser-focused on ensuring clients receive the best exchange offering,” said Jeremy Welch, Chief Product Officer at Kraken. “By cutting out deposit fees, clients can experience the lowest possible friction on their crypto journey.”

The cryptocurrency industry has grown beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations over the past decade. At last count, an estimated 100 million people around the world have now bought or owned a digital asset. If it were a country, the crypto-owning community would be one of the most populous nations in the world. 

Kraken recognizes that accessibility is how mass adoption continues. The successful rollout of the Kraken mobile app in the United States earlier this month means investors across the country can purchase digital assets at the touch of a button, from as little as $10. Investors also have access to our round-the-clock customer support, with some of the fastest response rates in the space.

With crypto deposit fees now slashed to zero, Kraken is reaffirming its commitment to fair and equal access to the life-changing potential of cryptocurrencies, making the road to financial freedom as smooth as possible.  

Furthermore, Kraken is preparing the ground for one of its long-term ambitions: to provide DeFi products and services from the exchange. “Decentralized finance is something that we want to integrate more with and give consumers more exposure to directly,” said Jesse Powell, the co-founder and CEO of Kraken, on Bloomberg last week.  

Slashing deposit fees now brings consistency and stability to the pricing between Kraken and DeFi protocols and applications. With 24/7 customer support and full banking rails, the distinct range of products and services makes the Kraken offering one of the most comprehensive in the cryptocurrency space.

For more information on deposits, please visit the Kraken Support Center. Please note, there may still be an initial address creation fee. To see the latest address creation fee, please log into your account. You can also go to the Kraken website to find out more about Kraken’s broader fee schedule

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