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The team of Vietnam-based KardiaChain, an interoperable, self-optimized blockchain ecosystem, has announced the V1 launch of KAIDEX, its decentralized exchange (DEX) for native KRC20 tokens, and KAI.

The launch of KAIDEX V1 marks the completion of phase 4 in the KAIDEX roadmap. KAIDEX V2 with cross-chain trading features will be introduced later this month.

KAIDEX is available in a web version, browser extension, and within the Kardia wallet mobile app.

“All KAI lovers and KAI-lovers-to-be are now able to enjoy a decentralized trading experience from any device. The KAIDEX integration on the KardiaChain mobile wallet is the result of our mobile-first mentality for all users. KAI holders can now manage, stake, and trade on their phones simultaneously within one single app.”
– The KardiaChain Team

In this V1 launch, KAIDEX’s available features include:

  • Full support for KRC20 tokens and native KAI pairs.
  • Slippage tolerance customization.
  • Liquidity pool management.

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