J.P. Morgan’s EXTRAORDINARY Moves Into Bitcoin | The Great Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Of 2020

J.P. Morgan Is Making EXTRAORDINARY Moves Into Bitcoin! Let’s Look At The Sequence Of Events Since 2017. First They Lie To You. Then They Make Moves …


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  1. couldn't all these increase in purchase be sabotaged by the same people? i wonder…i mean right now it makes you wanna go and buy…if all of the sudden they decide to sell it will decrease the value, not by a lot but enough to sabotage the plan to bring down the federal reserve…only time will tell i guess… i will stick with gold for now…eventually bitcoin owners will want to buy jewelry, lol

  2. But it all makes sense now. They own btc, and they start an etf. They can manipulate the market PRECISELY AND WITH HIGH ACCURACY, while not exposing themselves at all because they know the impact of their actions on the ETF.

  3. Thank you for sharing this video, I really appreciate it. I’m truly amazed how the elites somehow come together (allegedly) and tell you not to do a thing, but at the same time they are doing it. So we see this is a classic example of ‘do as I say but not as I do’. They don’t want the regular folks to become wealthy with a new, unregulated and decentralized asset class but yet they use all forms of deception into talking us out of it while they gobble up the assets themselves to become even more immensely rich and ‘CONTROL’ us. OK I get it

    Thank you for helping me and others pay attention to ‘what they do’, good thing I have a diversified portfolio myself and I stopped listening to ‘them’.

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