It’s Worse Than I Thought ?$1000 Fine If I Am Caught Outside My Apartment [Los Angeles Lockdown]

If You Want To Support This Channel Give It A . Los Angeles Lockdown introducing some DRACONIAN regulations. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. Many property owners or landlords are not taking payments for mortage or rent. It's worth a try requesting it!

  2. All thanks to the US gov starting this pandemic most likely! The US is the world's biggest bully and honestly…let America crumble! It will too! You all will be scooped up by the military within weeks to be herded up and executed in the FEMA camps they are beginning to set up in the closed stadiums and arenas. DO NOT go there! Die by shot or be shot by the army…I shall fight the army and take their tanks and humvees to sneak up and destroy them checkpoint by checkpoint. The checkpoints will be set up soon too with police and military monitoring the roads. In order to get around, you must sneak through the woods. DO NOT get caught or put up a fight. Molotov cocktails are most effective since none of us have explosives for the armored tanks/humvees. Throw the glass beer bottle full of gas at the vehicles and attack the troops on the ground first! I have many diversions planned for many angles in order to successfully kill all troops that seek to harm us. #staysafe #standyourgrounds #fuckthisnwo #killorbekilled

  3. This isn’t a ploy to take our freedom away. The government wants our economy to thrive. The fact that they are slashing the economy to save our citizens from this virus should be an indicator that this is a serious threat to all of us. Unfortunately, because the government has lied to us for so long we have the “boy who cried wolf” situation and we will only realize it when the dying starts. Keep your friends and family safe during this crazy time

  4. Key words: give up some freedom… again. One step closer to new world order. The numbers are highly inflated, there is a drug (but the official channels refuse to admit it as there is no money to be made) this whole thing is just another way to trim the middle class… We are heading back to a feudal society, one made up crisis at the time! Bitcoin and crypto is the resistance… I am all in!

  5. Wow. That’s a big fine. We’ve not got that yet fully on the other side of the pond, but I’m sure it’s coming.

    Great quote from John Kim below. ?

    @johnkim77Chief Łitecoin Evangelist
    If you've been resilient in Stackin Sats and Loadin lites, you will be the hero that saved your family from financial ruin.

  6. The juxtaposition of the California mindset is accentuated with these draconian measures. The regressive liberals on the left coast want more government intervention when the outcome suits their needs, i.e. free health care for all, free education, universal basic income, etc. But now that the state gov't has strengthened their hold on the personal freedoms of its people in an effort to slow the spread of the pandemic, those same people who pushed for more intervention are now feeling the wrath of their legislative demands. Be wary of what you wish for.

  7. One of the problems with this in a place like So Cal people aren't set up to spend time in their home because of our weather being so good. People in So Cal live in a way we're not we expect to be outside all year long. Back east people have big basement game rooms for long snowy winters.

  8. NOT TRUE! Yes, you can go outside. You won't get fined for going outside. The fine and mandate are for social gatherings of 10 people or more people and non essential businesses. I walk on a daily basis in my neighborhood everyday 2 to 3 miles here in Pasadena CA. The last few days I've seen more and more families out with their kids, walking, riding bikes, etc….We are not on total lockdown. Go out and enjoy the fresh air, even our Mayor Eric Garcetti said so. Be safe and wash your hands 🙂

  9. We americans are pretty stupid for not taking it seriously. But when america becomes worse than italy maybe they will see how big a mistake it was for trump and the republicans to call it a hoax and downplay it and delay our response!

  10. Suck it up! U dont want to be typhoid mary. People who dont take this seriously are putting their neighbors, family and friends at risk. Be a patriot and stay tf away from people.

  11. Honestly, I am in full agreement with the "draconian measures".
    Generally speaking, people are selfish and shit and there needs to be adequate reason not to be an inconsiderate douche.
    P.S. really appreciate your videos.
    It would be great to chat sometime.

  12. Cowards are staying home. Letting the government steal your freedom. When the government tells you it’s in your best interest it’s a lie. The flu is a 1000 times worse and no one bats an eye. Let the Corporations and rich get their bailouts and pass more legislation to take away your freedoms while your hiding st home like a good sheep.

  13. WRONG. Californians have not been ordered to do anything. Only RESIDENTS and individuals living in a STATE of California. IDK about you, but I am a MAN and I live in California, a State of the Union, not in any corporate subdivision of the federal gov't.

  14. Would be better for people to be able to go out and see how to properly act and behave during pandemics.

    A governor in Italy was outraged and made a video addressing the people, that staying at home does not mean making a BBQ or drinking parties. So in other words, simply telling people they will get fined if they go out, is not going to make people think properly how to behave.

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