IT’S OVER: Do Kwon to RESET the Terra Luna Blockchain | Cryptocurrency News

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  1. the pandemic came and taught everyone the importance of having multiple stream of income, unfortunately having a nice paying job doesn't mean you are financial secured anymore. So we all need to put in an extra-income earning chance, like investments.

  2. I dont think people will trust Luna let alone Do Kwon. Besides the proposal reminds me of this time once when I was up shit creek without a paddle.

  3. I originally got in about $3 and sold 1/2 at $50 rest at $120.did well
    Ive bought dip on way down
    If it goes to zero im stil well, well ahead on my trading with this one
    If u listen to Bix weir, he says the US fed was behind the 2017 BTCslam down steve.M, yellen .and used mt gox BTC .
    This recent BTC move down part of a larger play by BLK cit and gemini a sophisticated take down. he says the Fed/ US govt behind this

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