Is This the XRP Killer?? Is J.P. Morgan Coin the New Standard? [Ripple XRP News]

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  1. Uneducated and rubbish title..listened to the first 30 seconds of the video and I knew there is no knowledge or substantial research and understanding on this matter…thought your channel was better than this.

  2. I think it will be good to have competition and choices among the different cryptos, we will vote with our wallet which cryptos will flourish. I think when people find out the corruption that has been going on with these big banks and then them trying to have a closed private system (again) that won't fly. Maybe a good regulation is to have all blockchains be audited to combat fraud/manipulation/money laundering ect…

  3. Just so we are all clear, that this is the equivalent to a modern intranet, jp Morgan are part of the ethereum Enterprise alliance, it's only a matter of time when other companies release stable tokens, once it's all built up and use cases are established, its secure and safe to use and under there control, main net after that….on ethereum

  4. JPCoin pegged against the dollar this is a stable coin which wouldnt be used between USA and JAPAN!!! i also knew that Santander is creating their own coin too but they are also a Ripple partner. Bank coins will complement this space!!! XRP will continue…..

  5. Xrp is decentralized. It’s a bridge asset. What bank would buy Jpm coin. No credibility and no trust. It’s also pegged to the usd. Need I say more? I would buy more xrp. No threat to xrp. Sbi japan controls 80 percent of the banks It’s a consortium. You’ve got Japan the Philippines in the Middle East all on the ripple Net. The dominoes will fall one at a time because their regulation in other countries as far ahead of ours so they can start using it before we can hear in the United States essentially they have a Headstart by 100 miles

  6. JPM coin is an IOU of an IOU 1:1 ration 1 USD for 1 JPM coin means nothing = nothing. BAD investment let them keep themselves as a Private Club Bankers Coin that eats its own tail. Fire Sale that Burns until all the items are gone then a Fizzle and nothing.

  7. love your vids. You really challenge me. I am confused if other banks make their own stable coins I still see friction in the how money is moved around the world. 1) you still need a bridge between the two bank stable coins. 2) with a stable coin doesn't the bank need to have funds tired up to back their stable coins? With so called decentralized crypto (btc, dash, XRP, etc) they wouldn't have these problems. Love to hear people's thoughts.

  8. You asked for comments so here goes … I can understand why Crypto enthusiasts won't like 'JPM Coin' since it doesn't offer the chance of making huge gains at others expense. It isn't really a coin, more a token to speed up transaction settlement (at present). I trust the banks more than I trust Bitcoin … and I hate banks! If the banks do eventually introduce a public Crypto that is stable and backed by fiat, then it will be real currency and not the Ponzi fake currency that is Bitcoin, though I don't see a need for bank Crypto. Why trust an unregulated, unbacked, fake wannabe currency that is unsafe to use and decentralised? If you are a fraudster or live in a crisis zone, then fine, but not for anyone else. At least JPM Coin won't be deliberately slowed down and contributing to global warming because it is private. And the real killer … if they ever make crypto available for the public you can bet that all of it will be convertible back to fiat, unlike Bitcoin which isn't backed so a bank run would leave many investors with nothing! If you really want Crypto, then you'll like bank Crypto, but if you want a get rich quick Ponzicoin, then Bitcoin is the way to go. Sorry XRP.

  9. I do not have any XRP.I was wondering why this wonder coin wasn't listed on Coinbase. I had my hesitations on it because of the integration of bank's. I believe Coinbase know's what's going on, that's why it isn't listed. However I'm pulling on Ripple to succeed and JPM to stumble and realize their fault's.Xrp is ready and JPM has just begun. Why would you want to purchase a coin where there will be no value to it,bedide's itself. Makes no sense to me,because we all know the rich need a profit?Love you're net's,keep it up ?

  10. This centralized shitcoin ain't going anywhere. It's an internal coin only. No ordinary person will be able to purchase it on an exchange ever. It will never see an exchange. Next there will be a Wells Fargo coin and a Shell Gas coin and Quick Check coin etc!! Last attempt at combating crypto and Bitcoin. Most Block chains take years to build, perfect and maintain. These guys have a ton of $ but it's still not something that can be created an implemented over night. So when they pay my corporation for an account settlement in JPM coin wtf do I do with their shitcoin. How do I turn it into usable funds? This is a joke! I can't wait tot see it fail.

  11. Thank you Altcoin daily for shedding light on this topic. Unfortunately JPM coin is a joke coin, just another coin to derail and confuse the the sheep. ?XRP got some legs, been around for a few years now. Potential thank you

  12. Its like a million xrp hodl´ers all cried out at once then were silenced!!………..i only joke ofc, if you are going up against banking, expect resistance, lots of it. They are the biggest sharks on the planet.

  13. Altcoin daily do u think its possible for xrp to reach 589? Cause i am thinking of selling my xrp for better coin like deeponion and skycoin both have brilliant projects and huge potential for x gains the both have very low coin supply

  14. So you're saying this is a "Microsoft", or an ultralarge corporation making its' own software program, rather than go out and buy out an existing format that is almost a global standard. The smaller inventor/user base finds itself almost instantaneously rendered obsolete overnight. A crypto-currency not open-sourced, with unknown triggers, uses, and sub-programs. A way to evolve the current banking system, rather than a paradigm shift.
    This was expected. This is the reason a grass-roots effort must get multinational support from common people before the technology is preempted, denied, modified, or copied by governments.

  15. XRP is being accepted more and more as a currency just as BTC even though Ripple are focusing more on banks. The best tech will the race even if banks won't use XRP.

  16. The writing is on the wall for XRP. Banks are obviously going to choose stablecoins issued by the largest banks, and then that's when the central banks offer their own stablecoin. XRP has no future because in the future banks won't choose XRP over things like JPMcoin.

  17. Please do some honest research on XRP and how it functions. You will find out that the JPM Coin presents no threat whatsoever to it. Actually if all the banks did the same thing they would just create more friction in the b2b world and therefore provide more opportunity for XRP. Remember the JPM coin is NOT a cross border settlement solution. Otherwise I enjoy your channel. ?

  18. lol yall are so desperate its pathetic.. you don't have to be pro xrp, but at least have some respect for yourself, you are being a damn fool… jpm coin is a chucky cheese coin… XRP IS THE BRIDGE BETWEEN EVERYONE'S COINS.. deal with it… ripple went for the jugular long ago.. GOOGLE, ANDRESEEN HOROWITZ, PETER THIEL, IDG, SBI, etc etc are the original backers of ripple.. xrp is king… ciao

  19. Maybe they (JPM) are testing blockchain for real world then adopt XRP. Why? Like already stated, each bank having it's own will never work. So test it themselves for function, then move to XRP. The problem I do see with XRP is not being stable.

  20. What else to expect by the big greedy US banks, the ones who are the reason of the global financial crisis back before (2007) and the next one (coming soon). They are so greedy and thats why they will never use other coin that is out of their control!

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  22. Do not sell your XRP. Ever! JP Morgan and his coin are a mere bluff.
    An XRP coin is based on a real technology whereas a JP Coin will be nothing than a printing paper money like.

  23. Enjoy the channel, Be interesting to see who will be more successful you or your brother for investing in xrp please revisit in 3years

  24. People just don't understand biggest use case of XRP (via Ripple's product xRapid) is on demand liquidity without banks holding XRP and eliminating the need of nostro/vostro accounts. Can you do this with JPM coin, no absolutely not.

  25. At the end of the day, I have always believed the most obvious and current use case for crypto is to be used as a bridge between different fiat currencies. This JPM coin, although I see how it could take some markerlt share, doesn't change my belief. XRP is specifically meant to be a bridge. As much as I don't like banks, it's unrealistic that we'll immediately turn the system on its head and get rid of banks and fiat money overnight. The change will come gradually. XRP will begin that transition by working with the current system

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  27. I think you made a very good point, to add to that I think it was foolish for holders to think that sooner or later banks would need to come to the liquidity pools that would be made up of holders and ask them to sell their xrp to fund transactions. That would be a transfer of wealth being started by the same people who dont want others to have said wealth.

  28. Funny you make this video months ago people tell you that you were wrong and now we have news that banks in NA and EU among other places are trying to make their own coin dubbed XRP Killer

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