Is This Real!? Both France AND China Are Pushing Their People Towards Bitcoin!

Bitcoin‘s 12 Month Forecast | France Teaching Bitcoin In High School | Chinese Bank Insolvent! BANK RUN! Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. I'm all about bitcoin, and am invested in it, but a very valid concern I keep hearing about is the mass energy consumption and how this makes bitcoin unsustainable as more and more people invest/mine. What do you feel will happen or be a good solution for this problem? Anyone?

  2. Bitcoin has been trending up since I got in early 2010. I am not a day trader, so these swings do not concern me. By the way, I financed my daughter's European trip last summer on bitcoin. She was able to use Bitcoin in many restaurants in France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. And she was able to exchange her BTC's (in her Exodus phone wallet) in those countries at BTC- ATMs. Bitcoin is not going away.

  3. Thanks again for your time and effort in putting together a worthy video. Just wanted to share this article I read on NewsBTC website just about a minute ago, its title is very compelling – "50% of Population To Use Bitcoin By 2043 If Crypto Follows Internet Adoption". I appreciate your videos.

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