Is 0.3 Bitcoin Of Any Significance? Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin? Pierre Rochard REVEALS ALL! ?

Is 0.3 Bitcoin Of Any Significance? Bitcoin Evangelist Pierre Rochard REVEALS All! Follow Pierre On Twitter: Learn More: …


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  1. This terrible advice. Don't get me wrong, buy as much Bticoin as you comfortably can but do not sell everything off to do so. Downsize your home? lmfao

  2. I stopped eating out and payed off all my credit card debt… switched phones plans and practicing minimalism… painless way to buy bitcoin because I don’t need more useless shit.

  3. I'm very bullish on bitcoin and stacked a few coins here but this video was terrible. Irresponsible advice. And why does the title askes if we're too late to buy btc when its suppose to go up so much from here.

  4. Hey Arron and Tyler at the moment I almost have one full BTC I am almost there even though I might not make it before it hits 20k but I found out a strategy DCA (dollar cost average) Do you guys think owning at least half of BTC is far better than 0.3 BTC. I like your daily crypto news segment keep it up!

  5. Just get a better job! Just give your boss an ultimatum. Give me more money or I'm walking. Just start a business. But don't use your BTC to save it if you're not wildly successful.

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