Institutional Investors Plan To Buy EVERY Bitcoin Dip! HUGE Cryptocurrency News Today! ? Watch Now

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  1. Hi I would love to join a crypto party, funnily enough I have been thinking about it. I would love to meet you guys, as I'm a crypto twin, (my sister and I came 4th in a most alike competition in ??) ☺️ Also, I'd love to meet my other fav you tubers 2 many to list here. ❤️??????

  2. Tron DeFi. TRON is by far the better option. With TronLink, Justswap and very lucrative DeFi projects. Gas fees 2-4 USD cents per transaction, transaction time 5-15 SECONDS. Projects like SUN, T2X, Opals and TRXGold are hammering it right now. Don't be a fool spending 10- 30 USD per transaction on Uniswap, go for the better user experience. TRXGold is verified, open source contract and just started. Look at the gains on ETHGold and you get it ?

  3. Ever since February, Bitcoin’s price action has been largely dependent on that of legacy markets. Markets like the S&P 500, the U.S. dollar, and gold have strongly swung the directionality of bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market. The strong correlations that have formed have signaled to some investors that Bitcoin’s promise of being an uncorrelated asset is false.check my channel I got something you have been missing out

  4. Hold your BTC tight!!!!

    Aron pls check out and talk some about xDai and honeyswap! Extremely low gas fees. 24k supply of HNY and 1k price at the moment. Your channel is the best mate. Let's get people into crypto for good!! xDai ecosystem is great btw

  5. "I'm not gonna buy if you're not gonna buy, but because I think you're gonna buy I will buy", is the general notion those investors from the survey seem to have

  6. I remember sometime ago i had wanted wanted to get into bitcoin investment i was discouraged by friends, now considering tje fast rise in BTC i regret the decision i made ?

  7. Youtubers aren't telling you this but go buy YFFS and YFARM! They are already up 200% they are about to explode. Expectations is this will be the next YFI. Dont miss out!

  8. The use of the internet will substantially increase. Why? They created Covid 19, lie about the impact of Covid, created the hyperinflation, created the vaccine (NEVER TAKE. IT IS TRANS HUMANISM AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR DNA, PERMANENT ID, AND NANOTECHNOLOGY), and the economic collapse of the dollar is coming VERY SOON.
    This is ALL PRE PLANNED……………………..
    Part of the NWO. Their plan is to have ONE global government, ONE global religion, and ONE global "CURRENCY". That is Biblical prophesied.
    This war is spiritual, and natural.
    Choose Jesus Christ

  9. Thanks for all the info I’m hella new to this. So I invested on band protocol when it was around 16$ a share. I’m wondering will it go back up to that ever or should I just take a loss I’m about 1500 down as of today.

  10. If 60% of the world population want to own atleast 0,1 BTC it would put the price at around 32.000.000$ per Coin. Not considering inflation here.

  11. That last part, awesome to remind us the values, the real values of btc for society in general! So well spoken, thank you!!???✌️❤️

  12. So the 5% of the world that controls everything only because they have union and us dollar in their hands will allow Bitcoin to take over while they stand by. Either Bitcoin will go bankrupt or the 5% will have absolute control over Bitcoin and own so much of it to influence it's price fluctuation just like they do in the stock market. And yes Bitcoin has value as a currency and always will but most likely will be controlled by the people that control Fiat currency

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