In the Post-Pandemic Era, Crypto Savvy Fans Have Found a New Way to Get Closer to Their Favourite Stars


The past eighteen months have been hard for everyone on our planet. A global pandemic has prevented us from experiencing social contact to the fullest, creating a void waiting to be filled. As a result, some savvy cryptocurrency enthusiasts have come up with a different way of engaging with their favorite stars.

The Need for Social Contact

It is scientifically proven that humans need social interactions to make the most of life. While some people prefer to avoid others as much as possible, that will not work forever. Scientists attribute various health benefits to regular social interaction, including better mental health,  better brain health, and feel we “belong”. Furthermore, in this era of technology that makes interactions with companies and institutions far from personal, we need our friends, families, and people we look up to more than ever before.

That is much easier said than done these past few months. Numerous countries still face severe restrictions on social contact and interactions. The situation is far from ideal and requires solutions. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix to these problems and shortcomings due to health concerns. However, there is a technological solution in place that can facilitate social interaction with stars and celebrities.

The dawn of modern technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies offers tremendous potential. Many see it as a solution for the financial sector, but there is much more to explore. Without these technologies, solutions like Olyseum would not exist in their current form. As a platform enhancing the star-fan engagement and interaction to a new level, it offers some exciting features and options.

Why Olyseum Matters

As a project focused on xNFTs, Olyseum goes beyond what traditional non-fungible tokens provide. It is not just about creating digital art but rather about facilitating experiences. More specifically, unique experiences between stars and their fans. Achieving social contact this way ensures people can maintain their mental and brain health while creating unforgettable memories.

By providing live experiences and collectibles, Olyseum takes the next step in star-fan engagement. With the help of former FC Barcelona players and security guru Kevin Mitnick, Olyseum became a viable solution. The crypto-savvy community flocks to this platform to engage with their favorite stars.

Powering it all are the xNFTs of Experiential NFTs. These tokens have an extra layer of value, as fans can monetize their engagement with stars and obtain live exclusive experiences. Moreover, users can trade these experiences with other fans. Every xNFT comprises exclusive experiences with star creators. As interactions and experiences are in high demand – now even more than ever – the Olyseum venture provides tremendous value beyond the financial aspect.

Closing Thoughts

Our society has a dire need for more social interactions in a controlled environment. Typically, there is no way for fans to meet their favorite stars in real life, let alone interact with them. A project like Olyseum changes that narrative while still creating a controlled environment of sorts. Users can collect xNFTs and trade the ones they don’t need for others to complete their sets. Every completed sext grants an exclusive experience with that star.

There is tremendous potential to unlock when combining blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fan-star experiences into one package. Olyseum shows the entire world what is possible. The crypto-savvy community is already building its collection of xNFTs to unlock live and exclusive star interactions. For everyone else, now would be a good time to explore what this project has to offer.


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