In 2013 Stephen Colbert Talked YOU Out Of Buying Bitcoin… Watch This! Cryptocurrency News

Steven Colbert talked us ALL out of Bitcoin back in 2013 on The Colbert Report. Let’s take stock of just how far we’ve come. Is bitcoin still a good buy today?


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  1. "So imagine a Foreign Entity took over your Rebublic or the shambles of what was one a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY!!!"SAY THOSE FEDERALISTS "I MEAN DEMOCRACY PEOPLE, I mean those FFI people as the CRS says…(COMMON REPORTING STANDARD) CRS, people that ran the ",DEMOCRACY" took over, and would only benefit from your strugle!!!!"With a Foreign Fiat Curreny the man behind the EMERALD CURTAIN …". That controlled a shill like KiLLborn, what ever the sell outs name is, make a joke about something that his buddies print in their private profit club , and when GEORGE CARLIN SAID, their apart of a big club and your ….NOT IN IT!!!!????????????????"ID just like to say part of the pledge of allegiance to sign out , and see you tommorow", but first…"I Pledge alligiance to the Flag and the ,"DEMOCRACY THE THING KILLBORN SELLS OUT TO, "THE DEMOCRACY"..ALL HALE THE POWERS THAT…"BEE"!!!??????????????

  2. Nobody is actually using bitcoin as money though. People are trading it to get rich quick and cash out in fiat. Nobody is going to buy a sandwich with something that could be worth $20,000 in a month.
    It's a noble idea, but realistically, I don't see any future where Bitcoin is anything but a get rich quick scheme.

  3. I got spc token, and i heard about new exchange called Biteeu, they got a giveaway of this token. Has anyone heard about it? If somedody tried this exchange plaese give me informotion about them??

  4. I remember watching that episode when it was new. I used to DVR all the episodes. And I kick myself all the time for not buying it then when I first learned about it.

  5. BTW "Satoshi Nakamoto" exits beyond the meme guy one… He was the person who invented the "WHITE" LED light using the traditional 3 color LEDS and a single chip, this lead to mass use of LED lighting because any color was now possible in the same chip!

    So ironically Bitcoin was the 1st ledger to ever solve the triple or 3 column accounts settlement (where the transaction is in the sending and receiving).
    Just an interesting side bit… They both came into being around the same time ?‍♂️?

    Lemmie guess planet ? money didn't do to well in the future ?

  6. Proof how far evil order follower for the evilest elites ever Stephen the evil hollyfuck like the rest of hollyfucks pedo non actors are against humanity

  7. Ha ha ha… so glad to hear somebody talk about Stephen Colbert and how funny he was in the past tense because he’s definitely not funny now.sometimes wonder if he was actually all that funny on his own show… he shoulda stayed with John Stewart back in the day!

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