If You Own Even A FRACTION Of A Bitcoin Today You Are In An Elite Class. [DON'T MISS OUT!]

Fidelity Investments Just Released The Bitcoin Bulls! A Company With 7.8 Trillion USD Under Management, Just Shared An Article Called “Bitcoin Obsoletes All …


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  1. Subbed. Question tho, which tool do you use to highlight text on a webpage in different colors? Is thAt Diigo or a different program?? Would be super useful for my term project

  2. Bank notes currency will come to the end. Bitcoins used digital currency. It will be the currency of the future. unlike paper Currency, the only way you can loose if you do not try and Find out. I lived sixty decades so far. I have seen many changes in the currency's of many countries. Bitcoin is A stable Digital Currency, Just my thoughts.

  3. How do you use bitcoin or crypto in a grid down event (just remember, the Carrington solar event of 1859 fried telegraph wires all over) what would a similar event do to our modern grid.
    Thanks but no thanks. I'll take a silver or gold coin I can hold in my hand any ol day of the week over electronic currency

  4. Hey how are you doing my name is Jaylen Young, I’ve began networking with people who may be looking for a way to invest their money utilizing a digital currency .by the name of ethereum which allows you to invest little as $15. I would hope you give me a text back if you want to hear more about this investment opportunity.

  5. I'm confused and new at investing in bitcoins; however, i attempted to purchase bitcoins through fidelity but found out that noone can buy or sell cryptocurrencies using fidelity.

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