If You Are Waiting To Buy Bitcoin, You Need To See This! | Plus, Ethereum 2.0 Cryptocurrency Launch!

Am I too late to buy bitcoin in November 2020? Now that Ethereum 2.0 cryptocurrency has a launch date, how do I stake it? Let’s look at some on-chain metrics …


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  1. Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise
    For real it's very profitable. Is a great investment your generation will also profit from it

  2. I'm really interested in this Crypto thing but honestly I don't know anything about it. I'm willing to learn it though because I know some folks who has been profiting from it

  3. ETH team possibly need to cap the supply of ETH like Bitcoin, that would create a sense of scarcity and lead to price rises and make more investors confident about staking for a long period.

  4. Penny saved with time becomes pounds

    Pounds saved with time becomes millions

    Millions saved with time becomes billions

    Billions invested in stock and Crypto with time becomes wealth.

    Play smart today??

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  7. Eth 2.0 alone is reason why Eth will make HUGE gains and out perform BTC in its next move. With all these coins currently being locked away and new interest the price has to moon to meet demand.

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