“I Wouldn’t Be Suprised If Bitcoin Gets Out Of Control In 2 Years. To A Greater Degree Than 2017.”

“We Are In The Middle Of This 3rd LargeBull Market.” In This Video Murad Muhmudov gives us an update on the state of Bitcoin. Also, I show you GiveBitcoin.


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  1. Altcoin daily this crypto winter is very strange i had a chat with a miner friend who just shuted down his mining rig he told me btc is unprofitable to mine rite now this bear market has gone for far to long even longer than 2014/2015 bear market which is not normal it needs to go up to be profitable many miners have started shutting down there mining rigs this is not good

  2. You should look at the 200 day on the CME!!! It was the low before CHina headline and its now under test near 7900!! Who is Murad??!! Spieling off the same crap we already know

  3. This Murad's analysis is just stupidity. Institutional players are not here to make you rich. After a small bounce perhaps around 9k today or tomorrow, the Btc will go down to 6,3/6,5 k. From there perhaps it will slowly start to recover, and it will take two years before it reaches again present levels.

  4. when is this "we are early shit " going to stop , because at this point everyone with internet on earth knew about bitcoin , chinese think its a scam because all the shitty ico coin in 2018 scamed a lot of retail investor in the name of bitcoin , and in the west we are running out of retailer investor and the big bank just going to short the hell out of this market and control it like they did with gold , go look at gold price chart for the past decade. before the insititution comes in yes, bitcoin could go to moon but after wall street and government comes in , bitcoin will stuck below 10 k for a long time.

  5. I've no doubt that BTC will be a "store of value" but it'll never be a global currency unless the bankers and financiers of the world and the current system of debt peonage and usury are completely overthrown. Short of a black swan event in the global financial system the world's ultra rich have enough capital and influence to short BTC to the ground while making mega fiat betting on its demise.

  6. I remember Murad's Fractals and Predictions at 4K.. calling 1K 2K people who believe him got rekt.. now btc dumping out of control.. he got nothing special, actually When these social media clowns start talking bearish calling for 1K-3K bitcoin. BTC go up

  7. Sometimes i ask myself if altcoindaily gets paid from the BitcoinBears ? Price of BTC is going down and Altcoindaily is pushing BTC every day. On of the Altcoindaily brothers bought at 10k. Everyone else you did it lost already more than 20%. Mean i like some videos, but you should be more realistic and not perma bullish for no reason.

  8. 12-20-2020 save that date guys! that is the real day of the start of the next bull run! screen cap this , this is a great video

  9. I started an ecommerce business because i know we were in a bear market just waiting for the break down. Wake up, the new year means nothing. Build assets that allow you to buy more bitcoin.

  10. Just started using EOS. I cannot seem to stake cpu, network or ram. Cannot load my contract balance with any token on eos. Anyone know why this is happening?

  11. in the meantime we dropped a bit further…….. but just keep buying at these way to high prices. I'll buy all your FUD bitcoins between 3k and 2k

  12. Best Quote in that video: Something like bitcoin will be in the future the new fiat money. Right now is bitcoin but if the banks, fed, ezb are making a new digital world coin. This coin will be the coin.

  13. You are all delusional in your theory, where is the greater fool going to come from?
    You all don't understand that all profit are being made by huge trader whales, they control the market and make millions daily.

  14. Being realistic, there is no good reason to believe it will go up. The market fundamentals are very poor. Bitcoin has failed its intended use case and the technology is extremely outdated. With vast superior payment methods taking off left and right, there is no real reason to own bitcoin. Digital gold you may say? I certainly hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as gold and silver. You could be waiting most of your life to ever see an ATH again if that’s the case. Futures trading and banks owning bitcoin are purely to suppress the price, not pump it up. Exchange manipulation, whale manipulation, and no retail interest is a bad sign. Government opposition is strong especially as the price rises. An ETF likely is never going to be approved I think the SEC has made that pretty clear by now. God bless everyone who is heavily invested in this market. I’ll pray for you.

  15. I got my mom to sign up for Celcius Network. That way when I want to gift her bitcoin I send it to her through celcius network. This way she earns intrest while I teach her the important things about bitcoin. This way isn't ideal but it works good for her and in happy knowing that she's not going to lose her bitcoin.

  16. mad.. only 7 million people that own more than $100 of BTC ? wow. is that real ?

    have to listen to that again…

    yes I heard right…omg…..that is so so few people…and yet….

    many many more know of it. we are very early here…very early.
    Definitely worth the punt….

    And I love Give Bitcoin great idea. great for christmas..£20 of BTC clever !!

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