I WAS WRONG ABOUT BITCOIN! Jordan Belfort Explains Why GAMESTOP MONEY will flow into Cryptocurrency!

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  1. People were to listen to guys like him, we wouldn't have millionaires today. It's fools like this that keeps the average JOE'S not to succeed in investing. It's a good thing that people don't pay attention to advices that he gives.

  2. Here's a funny thing, all you YouTubers preaching the blockchain, bitcoin and altcoins thang but all of you are still here on the ultimate worst centralised platform on the planet. When will you practice what you preach and go to l b r y or d t u b e. Or is it simply because YouTube is paying you more money?

  3. Jordan Belfort is not someone I would ever listen to. He ran a criminal enterprise and didn’t know the first thing about the financial system. He just pitched people out of their money.

  4. its cute to think jordan belfort has figured this out while ive been buying from 2017 even though i got wiped out i just hodl and bought blood on the street 🙂

  5. Newsflash Jordan – the amount of btc hasn’t changed and the tech hasn’t changed and now he’s bullish because btc has perfected the art of small supply and better tech? Tripper

  6. So much hate for this man all over the comments. Any of you perfect? Didn't think so. He does know what hrs talking about and is a smart man, he just got caught doing shady shit. The suits do this day to day and just pay the sec fine. "The only difference between the men in prison and us, is they actually got caught doing something illegal ".

  7. Anyone who thinks bitcoin will just disappear obviously doesnt know that its used to buy drugs and other illegal crap on the dark web thus giving it value and a purpose

  8. The very best crypto YouTube account. Austin is always on top of every juicy piece of news and his videos have assisted me in making some of the best decisions I've made in the crypto space. As always, this is never financial advice. Stay safe, do your own research, and HODL 😉

  9. Wow that was some real unethical cherry picking up his interview his summary was that he is very surprised the government doesn’t put an end to Bitcoin because of potential money laundering the fact is the government could make their own crypto currencies coin digital currency

  10. Saveplanetearth is an incredible token that looks after our home planet earth while we moon together! How does that sound?! Go $SPE save planet earth and be happy! ?

  11. STILL NOT TOO LATE! The rule is BUY. Up, down or sidewise. If you’re a regular working man buy as much as you possibly can and AVOID shitcoins until you have enough to gamble (swing trade).

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