I Know Warren Buffet Owns Bitcoin ??(He Can’t Say It Because Of His Bank Investments)!

Warren Buffett’s VERY SHADY answer to a VERY SIMPLE question. *This is all opinion. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AltcoinDailyio …


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  1. He himself said that he's anti diversification. He does what he does best which is in buying companies and stocks, and he will do nothing else. It's a good service to educate him about bitcoin and only that, never get your hopes up in anything else.

  2. 1) waren buffet did not buy btc, trx or any other coin 2) justin sun gave him the wallet 3) waren buffet maybe doesnt even know how to use it 4) waren buffet keeps buying stocks from the biggest banks in the Usa = so he believes in the system

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