I Am Becoming Increasingly Bullish On Altcoins: HUGE ALTCOIN GAINS ARE COMING! [Crypto News/Opinion]

For a while I was toying with the possibility that ONLY bitcoin would be deemed valuable by the market (this cycle). However, from everything I am seeing, that is …


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  1. I used be a big IOTA fan until they got hacked this year and shut down their network. Hackers stole all my IOTA tokens worth $1000. IOTA team told me I had to use the migration tool and it was very complex I didn't do it/understand it. I reached out to the team and they just told me I'll be on there watchlist. This was since March and no response yet. It was my fault for trusting there trinity wallet should of just left them on a exchange. Never again.

  2. Hey, how is that HEX token doing? I guess there's only 20 days left of a one year LaunchPhase. I haven't heard of anybody being scammed by it and there are 10k's of users…

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