India Releases The Bitcoin Bulls | Square Crypto Unveils It’s First Product | BTCPAY Ups It’s Privacy & Security | Strong Address Growth For Addresses With 1 …


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  1. It is a no news. India never banned Crypto. Instead, Indian Reserve bank forced all banks under them to cut the deals with Crypto related business. You can always buy bitcoin with your money as long as someone is willing to do it. Many exchanges were closed because they couldnt pay salary for their employees. Banks closed or freezed their accounts for months.

    There is zero change in Indian crypto industry for the past 36 months.

  2. Is there an exchange in India that can be supported to pay people BTC for Rupees? My understanding is NO, so the only way forward would be to use offline/illegal local exchanges which isn't ideal for full support.

  3. Im from India and the banks are not allowed to deal with crypto related activities. The RBI is overreacting and hence banned banks from dealing with any crypto activity since there are no regulations RBI has taken matters into their own hands .So unless they lose the case in the supreme court or the govt comes out with clear regulations Indians have no choice but the black market to invest in crypto.

  4. I think the owning >.1 BTC is arguably more important at this point in time. To me that means more adoption in the sense that people are starting to understand it more. Not many newcomers (right now) will do more than that, but that's how the fire really starts. Soon though, more new wallets will be doing much more than 1 BTC immediately. The worldwide adoption will come. Great video, comments are interesting and I enjoy hearing the perspective of anyone from India about this.

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  6. yeah, the guy shitting in the street will start pumping BTC. omg people take your dose of hopium with a grain of salt, seriously. It's BTC, people who want it can already buy it

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