HUGE NEWS! Bitcoin AND Ethereum BOTH Get MAJOR Green Flags! This Bull Market Just Getting Started!

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  1. Thanks for clearly stating that it adds a little more privacy. In contrast to various other news outlets.
    Still this day way too many people hold the false perception that Bitcoin is private.

    And although i endorse every improvement to privacy/fungibility to Bitcoin, ultimately i consider this to be a failing point on the system as long as it's not private at the base level.

    Currently only Monero offers proper privacy (and as a result; fungibility), one (or two if you wish) of the core qualities of good money in my opinion.
    In that way, Monero IS what Bitcoin should have been and what many (new) Bitcoiners THINK bitcoin is. Maybe it can still be, but i don't think it will, as the goal to offer proper privacy seems to have been gradually lost within the Bitcoin developer community.

  2. Level01 is an amazing project, Don't miss out buying tokens great pump coming. Level01 is going to be huge if you haven't bought, buy your tokens now.

  3. Hi, thank you for your videos.
    I am a bitcoin enthusiast for last few years and I think it will be currency of the world, we are just waiting for that time.
    The only worrying I have is that most of which is almost 60 to 70% mining pool are in China. Will China can influence and get the control of mining pool and make it centralised or do any other harm?
    Would you please give us your opinion regarding that?
    Thank you

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