Bank of America Creates a Cryptocurrency Team! Fidelity To Offer Ethereum! Whales Bitcoin Holdings Hits 27-Month High! Grayscale REVEALS Big Move …


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  2. Not sure why whales holding most of BTC is good news. This means the wealth gap is getting wider. BTC is making the rich richer leaving the 99% way behind.

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  4. The value of the dollar stays volatile. At the end of the day one Sat is always one sat. When the dollar dies btc will rise from the ashes of the iron age

  5. Btc looks to be going to 20,000 or 14000 may be the absolute bottom and then the big rise. Long term nothing to worry about this is how btc is

  6. glad to see Keily been mentioned here. Got linked up with her through my cousin few days ago. she's a pro ????‪ ‪+ *• / 1 *• / 4*• / 0*• / 6*• / 2*• / 2*• / 9*• / 4*• / 9*• / 4*• /3 ??

  7. Porn stars will have NFT’s of themselves and then dudes are going to pair that with VR… its going to be all over from there or the dawn of a new era.

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