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Ready for the move? Let’s discuss this in your DAILY cryptocurrency news online! Bitcoin is about to make a HUGE MOVE! Stay updated with Altcoin Daily for …


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  1. ZEC: a complement, not a competitor, to bitcoin. for those who are concerned about bringing their sensitive transactions to the blockchain, well then zcash has you covered. privacy optional, not by default. therefore it is a natural complement to bitcoin. same 21,000,000 supply cap as well, almost to attest to its software origins.

  2. ???? Cardano is way better than XRP .. but … Cardano cannot "buy" liquidity, active wallets, developers in the network effect and system… Ethereum has this lead. The network effect is real, and every month that passes it gets exponentially harder to win the race. ????

  3. Vechain…. What they are doing for supply chains and the ideas they have is nothing short of amazing…. Imagine scanning a QR code on a pack of ground beef and seeing where that cow was born, raised, fed, butchered, processed, and when it was shipped….

  4. Big Bitcoiner here too, but can’t ignore altcoins which will clearly surpass bitcoin in growth in the short to medium term! To that end, I’m holding quite a bit of ADA.

  5. I have been tracking many ALT coins, but the newest one I am following is Kyber. Dont know much about it yet, but seems to have a lot of hype.

  6. YOUengine is Nice project with strong fundamentals not only the idea is great but also the team is very competent don’t miss your chance to earn profit from this great project.I hope for the future of it. And I hope everyone to invest in the project. In the future you will feel invested in this project is a wise decision. #YOUengine #YOUC #blockchain #crypto #cryptocurrency

  7. I like ADA, but the majority of my portfolio will always be Bitcoin.

    Cringed when you said “individual comments for individual coins” lol you’re better than that

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