How Will The 2020 US Presidential Election Affect Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Markets? | w/ EllioTrades

How will the 2020 US Presidential Election Affect Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Markets? Should we expect major volatility in the stock market and bitcoin? Elliot of …


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  1. There are more and more solutions to global warming but nobody wants to try them. This can only mean they are using this as an excuse to use climate change for more government control.

  2. Trump did increase the debt…. whats with the laughter? Covid threw EVERY country off… NOT TRUMP. You guys are smart right? Give me facts how "HE" increased the debt. Im waiting

  3. Всем привет,успешные трейдеры и инвесторы, предоставляю вашему вниманию торговую площадку с множеством торговых пар – , удобная регистрация, ввод и вывод активов, на этой бирже торгую больше двух лет, всем профита.??

  4. Biden will win easily, it's just a matter of how much of a temper tantrum Trump throws. We're about to see what happens when a 250 pound baby does when he realizes the amount of shit he's in

  5. Trump has actively shown that he does not like Bitcoin. Biden has not. Also, it's clear that Biden will do much better for the economy over time and it's projected that his plan will create 7 million more jobs than Trump's plan would.

    Not to mention doing something about Climate change and supporting LGBTQ rights.

  6. Trump said go High but yet the first thing you say is a lie. Keep it ?
    Being A political after you speak neg about another. So full of shit.
    Invite me on your show and I promise to keep it copastatic.
    Trump is the Evil.
    Your silence is

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  8. Biden wins,crypto up because he will stuff up the relationship with Russia,Korea,China. Plus everyone knows we need to go to more renewable energy,you just have to phase it in slowly. Plus China and India are huge problems with coal emissions,more power coal plants than any other country. Honestly could anyone trust China with nuclear power plants,shit they can’t build jack shit. But I do agree 100% crypto will be the future,those who invested a few years ago and now will reap the rewards later. Patience is the key,it’s a matter of time. Bitcoin will not be the word currency,but a digital fiat will be. It’s just going to be easier to spend your crypto compared to gold and silver. How the @#$& do I buy a loaf of bread and milk with gold or silver. Take a file to the shop and start shaving of my gold bar into a scale to get the correct weight. Crypto is another form of making money so you can live life. It’s about investing in something you believe in and hopefully it makes your life more enjoyable.

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  10. All I gotta say is lmao at anyone in the crypto community who thinks Biden will be better for the crypto market than Trump.
    Who was President during the 2017 bull run?
    Biden is pushing doom and gloom in the face of COVID, and wants to shut down the country, which will tank the markets once again and definitely create bearish sentiment. Increasing taxes, bigger government, and not oppositional to the fed like Trump is. If Biden is elected, I will feel very concerned for my crypto portfolio, though I’m sure it will be fine in the long term. If Trump is re-elected, I think we see a 2021 bull run.

  11. WTF! Biden landslide, thats a joke. You are looking at polls while the rest of us are looking at the enthusiasm for Trump. Look at his rallies, boat parades and car caravans. Look at the events in California. Trump 2020??????

  12. I think you give that guy you interviewed too much credit, you boys personally seem to have more of a idea about what’s going on.. he just sat in the fence ….

  13. Anyone who says the markets wont crash if Biden gets in is delusional. 401ks will melt and crypto will pull back quite a bit until some kind of stability is found. Partisanship aside, a Biden presidency is the worst thing possible for everyones moderate term financials.

  14. Trump "popped the bubble" 2017 and du,ped Bitcoin from 20k to 4k with creating the CME futures. Trump crashed Bitcoin again this year when his inside trades in March occured. Trump already announced that he will destroy Bitcoin. He also will start the war with China what will destroy the global economy.

  15. Really? Youre a believer of all the UN global warming/climate change propaganda. Wow, less MSM for you. Agenda 21, agenda 2030, the great reset. Do your own research dude.

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