How Vechain Cryptocurrency is Solving Real World Problems in 2020 | + Zuby Merchandise SNEAK PEAK

Today we sit down with rapper, entrepreneur, and fellow bitcoiner, Zuby! Zuby shares his experience with Vechain cryptocurrency, plus how his NEW clothing …


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  1. Finally vechain get some attention , very very much deserved , just look at all the work they are doing and companies they deal with

  2. I'm not sure why Vechain is not #3 on coinmarketcap already. Extremely undervalued and eventually it's going to take off.

  3. Here me out… Their are over 7k crypto put a dollar in everyone and u are pretty much garrenteed to hit a 1k x or 2k x on at least one of them over a year or two, but gl to anyone that is willing to attempt lmao

  4. Vechain is a tech before it’s time , it may take a wile before it’s adopted by the masses but it will happen, tracking where and when the products we buy is the future

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