How to Buy, Sell, and Trade Cryptocurrency Tax-Free!! | iTrustCapital Bitcoin, Crypto, & Gold IRA

What is the best cryptocurrency investing tip into 2021? How do I buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency tax-free? What is the best bitcoin/cryptocurrency IRA …


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  1. It is NOT tax free. You pay full tax rate when it is withdrawn. If your cryptos have gained in value, you will pay substantially more tax than paying a capital gains tax on an ongoing basis as you sell.

  2. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen you ever include XRP in your thumbnail, are you no longer an XRP hater?

  3. I wonder if the monthly fee is so you can trade?? Would you have to pay monthly if you transfer you existing 401k over and just let it sit?

  4. Useless to many US citizens due to AMLI and KYC (sKrew Your Customer) requirements imposed not so much by the government but by stupidly overcompliant compliance departments.

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