How Much Solana Do You Need To Retire (by 2030 or sooner) | Get Rich with Crypto

Why is bitcoin going up? Cardano or Solana? Let’s discuss the cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, solana, altcoins, …


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  1. HI Sorry but ADA & XRP and dead coins. i had both and believed in them , Unfortunately this bull run both have failed to run, I sold both and took a 50 per sent hit on these coins , Put all that was left and bought SOL, Best thing i ever did, I do hope they do run but can't see cardarno or xrp hitting there all time high again.

  2. Why is anyone pushing that crashing centralized BS. It crashes more often then Windows 98. They need a storage system that is reliable and that doesn't rely on a centralized location.

  3. For everyone who is a fanboy of solana watch this video BREAKING!! All HELL is about to break loose. Let me know what you think about it. To me it was quite shocking and i sold

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