How Much Bitcoin is Enough To Be Rich in 2021? | Is Buying 0.28 BTC of Any Significance? | The Moon

How much bitcoin is enough to be rich in 2021? Is buying 0.28 BTC of any significance? Today we are joined by one of the best bitcoin traders in the …


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  1. In a few years from now, bitcoin wealth for most retail investors will be measured in Satoshis.
    As you say, if bitcoin does a mere 10x from now, then 0.25 of a bitcoin will be worth approximately $100,000. Just imagine what this will be worth in another 4 years from now when we will be 8 months on from the next halving?

  2. Two questions
    1. Cant the government make owning BTC illegal? Shut down the exchanges and make it a felony to own…
    2. Will quantum computers be able to break the encryption of BTC in the future?

  3. with .28 of a BTC, you will still have way more than most Americans have in their savings account….for example, a good amount of Americans don't even have $1000 in their savings account for an emergency and millions are living paycheck to paycheck. So yes, .28 of a BTC is a big significance and you will be part of the 1% of BTC holders.

  4. If i have 0.28 btc while the btc price is at 100k how much is 0.28 btc worth? Is there any calculator so we can emulate this type of things?

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