How I’m Investing: My BRUTALLY HONEST Thoughts On The Cryptocurrency Market 2020. [WARNING: OPINION]

How I’m Investing: These are my BRUTALLY HONEST thoughts on the cryptocurrency market in 2020. [Warning: Only Opinion] Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. Timestamp:
    0:03 – Introduction
    0:46 – Support The Channel LIKE The Video
    1:01Bitcoin Dropping! [Price Check]
    1:28 – Feel Free To Use Affiliate Links In Description
    4:25 – Video Clip [Dan Held]
    7:00 – Video Clip Ends
    7:12 – Why I Still Expect A 100x+ With Alts
    8:00 – Recent Altcoin Exit Scams?
    9:03 – My Thoughts On The Alex Saunders Interview [Good Guy ?]
    9:50 – Cool Bitcoin Clothing/Merch Company

  2. The issue with people like Dan is that he mixes the bitcoin network with the asset that runs on this network and happens to have the same name ( Bitcoin )
    The whole value of blockchain comes from the fact that it introduces a new digital settlement method that is faster, open ( or not ) and more reliable / robust.
    Blockchain will be used in finance more than everything else and there will be many blockchains and a gazillion of assets running through them all, not just bitcoin ^^
    Once you open the door on a near instant, smart, global, digital settlement system with self custody build in there is no way back you see 😀
    Bitcoin has proven to the whole world it was possible and thanks to his excellent monetary policy is in route to become gold 2.0 which is fantastic.
    But please for the love of god stop saying that it's the only crypto that will survive xD

  3. Dan is wrong. The UTXO model of Bitcoin is dead and will never scale on chain and off chain. Lightening will never work for average person to use. Youaxos are brain dead while Nexus 3D chain fixes all issues with Crypto as well as defi and asset Management. Bitcoin will always be a shitcoin and won't be King forever!

  4. Couldn't disagree more…
    A crypto youtuber named "Altcoin Daily" turned bitcoin maximalist preaching the uselessness of altcoins. You are either not researching the space or understanding nothing at all.
    Sorry, you just lost my attention…

  5. Trading is the best thing I ever learn to me it's a lifestyle I implore everyone who cares to listen to forex trading trading not as a means of making money but as a lifestyle and understand the global economy and how it could affect your lifestyle and in no time you will making huge profits

  6. Why is no one addressing what IMHO, is the core issue….crypto is denominated in dollars…everyone agrees that dollars are fiat…paper and ink…and headed for hyperinflation….SOoooo….if crypto is a set amount of fiat, what good will it be? If your monetary instrument is worthless, what good is your instrument? Where will you turn when you claim ownership of 10 million worthless dollars?

  7. I remember back in the day when similar so called experts said the internet wasn't meant for selling merchandise online, that we already had proven brick and mortar stores. Haha glad I bought Amazon.

  8. You’re clearly thick! There are two altcoins which are going to be around for a long time as they have developers constantly developing and future proofing their projects. Bitcoin is an idea. That’s all. It will only stick around as their are people like you. Stupid, short sighted and greedy.

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  10. Bitcoin is def going to do its thing.What do u think about XRP. They are going after a specific use case . Cross boarder payments and possible derivatives markets. As much as you want ignore the system u will haveto play ball if u are going to win. Betting on the regulators. If u transferred Bit on the xrp ledger it will be 4 times faster then it is.

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