How I Find 100x Coin Investments | Alex Saunders REVEALS Hidden Gems Altcoin Picks & Trends!

Alex Saunders of Nugget’s News joins us to talk: Bitcoin, Ethereum, DEFI, yield farming, Yearn Finance, how he researches his 100x coins, and what TRENDS …


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  1. You did not mention EOS and Tron lol!!. Come on man, Eos could have some little use in the future until it dies off completely once the google goes on ETh or Cardano. Tron…Why would any decent self respectful company use a copy of Ethereum? Tron a platform with almost no developers building on it and pretty much dead within a year or two.

  2. Thanks for this great video, but I have a question. Do you know any good projects for finding things? Not long ago found database for registration and identification for stolen or lost items- S4fe, so do you like this system?

  3. Reddcoin is looking like it will jump up, could be massive. Redd-ID is out soon and talks of being added to binance.. One to jump on fast. It would be great to see you get a review on that please you can see easy going by the charts this is a no brainer to pump. Could be the best buy of the year..

  4. 44:51 exit scam, where'd ya hear that, he got shut down because there's no way the SEC is gonna have a black man bring something like that to the world, and that's real racism, not that fuddy duddy politically correct stuff you see out in the media.

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