How FTX Exchange Will Change Cryptocurrency Forever (Cheapest Fees + Big Announcement)

President of FTX US, Brett Harrison, joins us to talk Bitcoin, Solana, and altcoins in 2022! Trade crypto with zero fees on FTX …


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  1. How does FTX avoid the possibility of the type of market manipulation seen in traditional markets, such as the gold market?

  2. Alt coin daily is mad irritating. Asked him the same question 3 different ways after seeing he didn't want to answer it directly.

  3. If you're down under you're limited with Futures only 2k withdrawal if you make more it's confiscated automatically. It's like WTF just let me trade.

  4. <It's okay to buy the dip but in crypto it's more important to buy into actually solid projects. Because if we look at the past, a lot of the coins from the 2017 bull run completely died and never recovered. Personally, during these times I prefer to diversify and hold mostly onto larger coins that are in the top 30.

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