HK production company plans to launch crypto-themed drama series on NFTs

A production and investment firm is launching a drama series on nonfungible tokens featuring a competition between Hong Kongers and Americans to create a digital currency.

In a Sunday report from entertainment publication Variety, the AMM Global production company will be creating a 12-episode series called Crypto Keepers to premiere sometime next year. The drama, which will reportedly be released using nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, will feature major figures in the crypto space as well fictional plots surrounding the personal and professional lives of people involved in creating “the next Bitcoin-like digital currency.”

The series will include both English and Cantonese speakers filmed in a variety of countries. Though Crypto Keepers is a work of fiction, the show will include major events from the crypto space as they relate to the plot.

“Crypto Keepers is part of our strategy to tell international, topical stories that bridge the gap between the East and West in a trailblazing manner,” said AMM’s executive director Bizhan Tong.

Tong said the NFT series would incorporate interactive features from video games, allowing viewers to collect scenes, characters and props within the story after its run time. Hong Kong-based blockchain firm CryptoBLK will handle developing the series as an NFT, while investment management company YG Capital, Phoenix Waters Productions, and AMM will finance the project.

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Though the series will reportedly be one of the first NFT crypto-themed dramas to be based in Asia, at least one Hollywood production company has jumped on the craze to produce a crypto-comedy series called Hold on for Dear Life, set to start filming in August. In October, a drama series premiered in South Korea titled Romantic Hacker, which focused on crypto and blockchain topics with a romantic flair.

Cointelegraph reached out to Phoenix Waters Productions, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.