Big 4 Firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Just Released A 2020 Report Showing That HEDGE FUNDS ARE BUYING BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, XRP, & 3 OTHER …


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  1. If you like money you MUST buy mHLX. Find it on Blockfolio. It is improved version of IOTA without any weaknesess and strong team. It has been in development for 2 years and now made its debut on exchanges. I must admit a very successful debut – +60% growth in few days after the listing. However it still has potential for 1000+% of growth. The current price is still a gift. I was in their office in Berlin and was impressed by the team attitude to the project and long term vision.

  2. With BAT and Brave… I don't think it's really as big a deal as it's being blown up to be. It could be way more nefarious than it was. I still love Brave and I am still bullish on BAT. Honestly I don't mind them making money through embedded and hidden affiliate links.

  3. If Fidelity is involved in crypto (at 5:50 of this video), how do their individual investors capitalize? To my knowledge, Fidelity does not have a mutual fund for crypto; nor does it permit its investors to buy crypto…?

  4. tks chanel, amazing video! I like ETH, XRP and ADA, I hold at fiahub, I hope it is going to be exploding starting towards the end of the year.

  5. but do you guys all realize how many millions or maybe billions in crypto is now frozen or lost forever due to the covid-19 pandemic?
    just saying-

  6. I wonder what would happen if someday all the available Bitcoins are sold out. What next? Most investor buy and sit on it. Everybody want to gain the profit but what if no one want to sell.

  7. Hello I'm new to forex trading i have watched alot videos and can't make profit still loosing could anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong

  8. Trading is always related with the risks. In this hard days the risks much more high, because if you'll lose your money… Sad story
    Beside trading, you need consider another ways, such as staking on cex or any other exchange, deposit on gekkoin, finally, just hodl

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