Grin Coin | Beam Coin | The Power of MimbleWimble

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to take a look at MimbleWimble. Follow us on Twitter here: …


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  1. i say hoard invest will be huge you say you not interested in alt coins… two hyped coins from DAVINCIJ15 .. invest that same 1-10 cents into coins like cardano.. elastos.. fusion.. bitcoin.. cause it going to be a new altcoin every month.. but if you keep hopping from altcoins you will lose yourself and alot of money.. it good to day trade coins like that not invest.. has to have a proven team who will to work like aion.. cardano did even in down markets… like elastos selling they hardware in the down market!! you see the future stars fusion will be the best investment one could have made in 2019-2020 my opinion ..

  2. Why all of a sudden is every single youtuber talking about GRIN and BEAM , now they also have a wallet that is compromised , trhis is crazy and then also the schills are everywhere , This is going to pump so very hard and then retail will get crashed on . I am curious as well , its davincci and then supomon , but why is that any better then MONERO or a diffrent privaxcy coin ,

  3. Isn't the inconvenience of traditional banking the reason why people get involved in crypto? Why waste time and energy on a coin that requires both parties to be online at the same time? Defeats the cross border payments issue.

  4. Team aa, please don't bring this trash in your channel. You can make hours of video from every individual coin . There is TONS of news publishing each day in different source. Stay focused on TOP 50 COINS and the coins been for last few years with a market cap. 2017 I lost over $1200 in XP COIN. PLEASE DON'T and stay on top of the list one of the best Crypto YouTuber.

  5. I’m frustrated. First of all, I tip my hat to every person who’s involved in any project relating to crypto. These people are doing things. I’m not doing these types of things. I’m just a guy with a job who’s trying to earn his freedom and push out my ultimate liquidation date. I applaud these people.

    If Grin can be endlessly mined, and will be endlessly mined, why would I buy this coin? I’m going to be honest. I value the fact that crypto could change the relationship between man and government. This is an incredible idea. And nature seems to value decentralization. There’s no tree-of-all-trees out here. But I’m in this whole game to grow the money I earn from my job. I’m turning down the 6% match in the 401k and refuse to keep my savings tied to the dollar. I want the money I’m putting away to be there and maybe even grow a little.

    I could see buying Grin if I could use it right now to buy my morning coffee, my greens and beans from the store, to buy computers off Amazon or whatever. But it’s not accepted anywhere. Not just yet.

    And if it is accepted everywhere, then what? There’re more created every second? I mean, do I have to say it? The dirty D word that offends us all? The Grin you own are constantly dropping in value because more are created every second? There’s no restriction? Forever?

    Maybe it spends really really well. I bought a Nano X with BCH. It was so fast and so smooth and didn’t cost a penny. I was S H O C K E D. Grin could be a currency if everyone decided to use it for spending. It has to be spent. It can’t hold value. It’ll hold value like the public school system educates our kids. Third graders in S Korea are reading textbooks studying the history of Bitcoin. S Korea. Not America.

    So it can’t hold value, and it’s printed endlessly but it could spend really well except it’s not accepted anywhere just yet.

    The dollar. They’ve made a much much much less-spendable, less valuable thing than the dollar.

    I didn’t think it was possible. Definitely couldn’t have been easy. Again, I tip my hat ?

  6. So I went to a meeting this Monday where we talked about the differences between Grin and Beam. Both sides presented their arguments for each one and I listened. At the end, I came to the conclusion that Beam was the better one to invest. Why? Well, what many think is a negative, I think is a positive. Beam takes 20% of the blocks mined and pays the foundation. Grin is 100% community based. I’m a businessman and I don’t believe in free. I don’t like anything free. I like the fact that Beam is paying the devs to hit their targets. Grin is like more socialist with the mentality “we’ll get there when we get there.” I like a road map with people held accountable of those targets are not reach. Anonymous devs working for free who can’t be held accountable because they’re not being paid holds no interest to me. So while I think both Grin and Beam are great projects, I put $3000 into Beam yesterday because they have a team that’s getting paid and actively working to further the coin. 100x potential

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