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  1. This is a no brainier. BTC & LTC Have Just been declared the new world currencies. Don't believe me watch RT news. What are these countries going to do with the BTC they are buying. Trade it for USD LMAO Venezuela, Russia, China, And Others. Are setting up to use BTC for International trade. Why BTC ? It is already there, Its not controlled by any Government, And it moves faster then a speeding bullet. I am sure there are those that will try to push the price of BTC down. But it will fail. The GIG is up so to speak.

  2. very nice and interestin video
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  3. if stellar finally realized cartoons are for kids than can someone please tell dragonchain to improve their little cartoon too? please

  4. I need a bit of Hate today so I'm just going to say it. Bitcoin is dead, they just don't want to see it. XRP is going to take over the entire Crypto Sphere. The world doesn't need a "Store of Value", not when everything in the world is about to be valued and tokenized. There is no need for "Digital Gold". There I said it. Now bring it on………

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