Global Elite Hidden Agenda! Central Bank Digital Currency EXPOSED! Cash Ban PLANNED! Bitcoin News

Mainstream Media Is Keeping Us Distracted! Global Elites Planning Central Bank Digital Currency And Cash Phase Out! Prepare for this NOW! Let us know in …


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  1. This is a transitions of mediums and assets due to technology evolutions. Money as an idea continues. Keep a diverse types of financial mediums and assets. And, choose what types of mediums matter the most to your life. Looking past the Orwellian narrative of this video, this is how money works. This is how technologies change over time in a civilization. It’s up to us as citizens to capitalize on it, keep our leadership in check, and help new generations to focus on their personal values and history of these changes.

  2. Mainstream media hurts us. Everything they come out with is a croc of shit. If something happens that doesn't fit nicely with their agenda they will leave it out and not let us know. I see the media as a conditioning tool to make people behave a certain way that is conducive to a wider agenda. People behave according to perceptions. People make perceptions by the information they receive. If you limit or manipulate the information received, you can change everyone's behavior and make people do what you want them to do and think the way they want them to. It's all about control.

  3. People deciding about our lives are not human but illuminate controlled 10 families. I don't trust these disgusting polluting ugly humans with my life or our earth! Get them off ? Ban mainstream media! Ban imf ban Google ban the upper 10,000

  4. Feeling hopeless. You still need to trade fiat for crypto so it can still be manipulated. Can someone please explain to me how the elites cannot simply own a majority of the btc market and then control the price? That seems to be the case with gold as well.

    As long as it's tied to the old financial system cryptos won't realize their potential imo. The old system needs to die and it looks like they are just making up a new one using some block chain tech.

    The way the financial system works is at the root of the majority of the world's problems. The profit motive corrupts everything. Politics, elections, race riots, wars, sports, Netflix…. It's all a big distraction. We thought Fractional reserve banking was bad. Wait till they can inflate and manipulate to infinity with centralized digital currencies.

  5. Great vid and agree with all your points, however as a side note, everytime I hear the FED talk I feel like it time to me to take a break. FED, the biggest POS institution dictating policy for crypto is by far a scary thing and will have some negative effects. This is a provable point just by the past events and consequences of their intentional incompetence to maintain control and at the cost of the world economies. They will ultimately have a negative impact in crypto ecosystems as well, since the population is worth less than the monetary gains and control/power they cherish. I was hoping Crypto was a way to escape this tyranny, I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.

  6. any disinformation that we (majority population) get from media comes from top ruling groups thats why in 99% of info that we hear in radio, see in TV or internet is fake … journalists are not allow to say "truth" if their owners dont want to …

  7. The media is corrupt by the network owners but with evidential proof boomers don't care to know thats true. They also share so much misinformation through social media.
    Trump winning this election will only verify the fake news theory which is becoming a fact in American history.

  8. Great video! Do you know any platforms that try to solve the problem with thefts and fake markets? Recently I found S4fe – DeFi that is going to provide the registration and identification of stolen and lost objects. What do you think about it?

  9. The mainstream media definitely hurts us. They hide alot of important news and feed the masses with garbage filled news. But that is because they are controlled.

  10. What that guy spoke is what the knights templar always wanted to achieve.
    Research the crusades war and the knights templar before you engage in a debate with me about this.

  11. Perfect opportunity for them to do it would be now with the covid pandemic everywhere. At that point we could possibly see for the first time in a long time a worldwide accepted currency…

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