Gaming Platform Planetarium Raises $2.6M in Funding for Its Decentralized Game

Planetarium and its RPG Nine Chronicle are showing the potential to become a leading blockchain game. The successfully closed funding round with Animoca Brands is a strong push for the project in that direction.

In an announcement made on August 4, the blockchain-based gaming platform Planetarium revealed that its decentralized game Nine Chronicles successfully raised $2.6M in a funding round led by Animoca Brands.

Planetarium is a decentralized gaming platform that is transforming the longevity and profit model of online games. The platform equips game developers with the tools and resources needed to create cross-platform games that can perpetually run through peer-to-peer networks and build the next generation of the community-driven gaming ecosystem.

Its unique vision garnered eyeballs from across the industry and led video gaming behemoth Ubisoft to select Planetarium for its global startup program. For one of its first games, Planetarium has been working on the development of a role-playing game (RPG) Nine Chronicles that launched its early access in October 2020.

Now, before launching on the Ethereum mainnet, RPG Nine has closed its funding round led by Animoca Brands by bagging $2.6M in funding. Animoca Brands is a renowned name in the digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification industries.

Multiple others including Divergence Ventures, Sfermion, SkyVision Capital, Hypersphere Ventures, IDEO CoLab, and others. Furthermore, notable angels such as Axie Infinity Co-founder Jeffrey Zirlin and Aave Protocol CEO Stani Kulechov also joined the funding round.

Speaking on this milestone, JC Kim and Kijun Seo, the co-founders of Planetarium, said that in the near future of RPGs, players and the community will be able to collaborate to work on the same mission and vision. Planetarium intends to build such “a foundation for Nine Chronicles with new governance programs.”

Planetarium plans to use the proceeds of the funding round for scaling its infrastructure, supporting developers, expanding to mobile, and hiring experienced professionals driven by the desire to propel the growth of the network.

The founders further added:

“We are thrilled to invite amazing partners and advisors to expand the Nine Chronicles ecosystem. The new round of funding allows us to offer Nine Chronicles on multiple platforms and gear up for our next phase of growth.”

As for the game, Nine Chronicles is an exciting RPG with nine beautiful worlds and promising rewarding gameplay. It is also the first-ever fully open-source blockchain game with its own mainnet.

Following its early access launch in October 2020, the game saw more than 500,000 NFTs created and 80,000 NFTs traded on its network. The game also enjoyed a 600% increase in active monthly users in Q2 of 2021. Now, Nine Chronicles is working on launching Wrapped NCG, the Ethereum-compatible version of its governance token to make in-house NFTs available on Ethereum.

With such remarkable progress early on in its development, Planetarium, and its RPG Nine Chronicle, are showing the potential to become a leading blockchain game. The successfully closed funding round with Animoca Brands is a strong push for the project in that direction.

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