France Declares WAR on Cryptocurrency! US Investors MUST Act Now! Ethereum & Bitcoin News

France Declares WAR on Cryptocurrency! US Investors MUST Act Now! Ethereum & Bitcoin News. Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily cryptocurrency


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  1. Government won't be able to control crypto anymore than they could control the coronavirus in 2020 if the price goes down I was simply buy more at a cheaper rate and wait for it to rise like popcorn

  2. They are doing it because America is not the only country that has gotten so far in debt by printing paper money with nothing to back it but taxpayer money and an economic crisis is coming very soon. The top wealthy percent and big businesses know this more than the average American does. SO those of us here in America have always had trouble finding ways to purchase our crypto even though it has become widely accepted now. The government wants their power and their control over the people maintained so they are just making it hard for the average person to get cryto using the excuse that it is used for terrorism…If someone wants to fund terrorism they don't need crypto to do it..they have been doing it for years without crypto. The government (and not only America but other countries are now seeing the end of paper money) so they are trying to manipulate circumstances to where they can monopolize on the crypto market and keep their power and control. This is just what I think….If you look at how they treat us…abusing our social security funds, abusing 401K retirement plans, trust in keeping money in banks has been lost so crypto was invented so regular people could have a currency to trade, buy products and services with, and just something like gold that we can hold without fear of us losing the value of our investments. The governments have finally caught on. I know the big businesses sure have; all you have to do is look around and see the huge amounts of bitcoin these big companies and wealthy people are buying. And as said in the video, banks are now moving towards using blockchain technology and their own crypto simply because you can make money transfers anywhere in the world in a fraction of the time normal wire transfers take or waiting periods banks will have before you can actually access your funds, not to mention if you go to your bank and either deposit or withdraw $10,000 or more than the federal government gets notified and wants to know what we are doing with our own money….Crypto is true freedom of wealth and it threatens those who are used to getting rich off of every transaction we make, every purchase we make….taxes on gas, food, general merchandise…..It is all just a big transfer of wealth.

  3. And you are exactly correct. Those of us who are really into crypto and understand it…we know not to worry when the price dips a little…this is normal due to the buying and selling of crypto that happens daily….actually, this is the best time to buy your crypto to make the best gains. I mean, if you were buying regular stocks, would you wait until the price had already made it's bull run and had become high priced or would you buy in on the stock while it was still affordable right before it makes it's bull run so you can profit…I don't see any reason to panic unless the government tries to actually make it illegal for us to own crypto…and that would be unconstitutional but when have we ever know politicians to be reasonable and actually protect our constitutional rights when it doesn't serve them….Just look at how we have had to fend for ourselves this whole year during this awful covid epidemic with only 1 stimulus check. No wonder people are fining ways to secure their own investments.

  4. They all better re-think this regulatory garbage for crypto. There is NOTHING stopping me from taking flight to a Crypto Friendly Country. Nothing. I'm done being screwed by a fiat currency system (Ponzi) – back by nothing but Political Decree.

  5. In 1933 the US confiscated and outlawed the personal possession of Gold, violators faced a $10,000 fine ($400,000 today) and 10 years in jail. This stayed in place until 1971. Anybody who thinks Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the Government will give up it's control of the monetary system needs to look at history. They can outlaw Bitcoin with a stroke of a pen.

  6. Quoi d étonnant pour un pays communiste ??? Aucun pays n’a fait ca même pas la Corée. France mode emploi pour tout interdire, toute liberté, toute industrie: contrôler, bloquer, interdire … par ces incompétents pour qui vous votez depuis 40ans.
    Un pays arriéré qui n a de cesse de couler. Les cerveaux et les capitaux partiront encore et toujours à l étranger, comme tous ceux qui veulent réussir. Encore un train raté pour ce pays.
    Ne changez rien, l échec est une certitude.

    Un conseil ne déclarez rien a laissez vos sous à l étranger

    ps : personne n est assez idiot pour croire que cette mesure a pour but le financement du terrorisme, mensonge grotesque des gaucho, quand on sait que ces terroristes se baladent librement sur le territoire

  7. "Le Maire" was minister of agriculture in 2011 in France. In a TV show, he was asked to say what was the surface of an hectare in square meters (2 surface very common in France) He didn't know…

  8. The majority of the world's billionaires want to create a centralized digital world currency that will evolve into a one world governance. They think we're too stupid to govern ourselves.

  9. They always use those tactics to get the goals. The biggest economic criminals on earth are bankers. How the hell criminals and terrorists laundering money before crypto and now?! F*** them, we have it enough. Time to take control over our hark working money

  10. Govts at war with terror, but allows them to pour through our borders,
    they are the real terrorists,
    and they want their cut of your wealth,
    Govts are the ultimate welfare recipient, stealing your wealth.

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