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Flare Network to deploy AllianceBlock's decentralized interoperability solution

AllianceBlock, a project building compliant and data-driven products that enable institutions to access opportunities in decentralized finance, has today announced a new partnership with Flare Network, a platform bringing Turing-complete smart contracts to all native layer-1 blockchains.

Closely aligned on their missions to build a more participatory economy that connects the traditional and decentralized finance worlds, the partnership will see a number of technical integrations that will support cross-chain swaps and increase liquidity across both networks.


  • Flare will deploy AllianceBlock’s Compliance and Regulatory Layer, allowing it to incorporate new services including AllianceBlock’s Liquidity Mining as a Service (LMaaS), helping to increase the liquidity of its token and DEX services powered by AllianceBlock. Together, these services will deliver a full, end-to-end decentralized financial infrastructure for users of AllianceBlock and Flare Network.
  • Also, Flare will benefit from AllianceBlock’s decentralized peer-to-peer funding protocol, AllianceBlock Fundrs. Enabling smarter investment, lending, and borrowing in the decentralized finance space, Fundrs will contribute to the growth of the thriving Flare ecosystem by attracting additional DeFi players and capital for their on-chain projects. This follows a recent partnership with Graypes, who will also integrate Fundrs to facilitate a fast track to investment platform for users.
  • AllianceBlock Bridge, AllianceBlock’s decentralized interoperability solution will integrate Songbird, Flare’s Canary Network. This phase will establish cross-chain interoperability for both networks and lay the foundation for implementing our solutions later.
  • AllianceBlock DEX, AllianceBlock’s decentralized exchange which vastly reduces the risk of impermanent loss currently present in the industry by leveraging a newly designed automated market maker, will also be integrated with Songbird, helping to support cross-chain swaps and enable liquidity optimization across both networks.

“Here at AllianceBlock, we’re set on consistently building relationships with the most prominent blockchains in the industry and offering them solutions that can benefit not only their ecosystems, but the entire industry. This partnership is special for a variety of reasons, but I’m most excited for the deployment of our long-awaited DEX on Songbird, a scalable, low-carbon blockchain focussed on growing the DeFi industry in a sustainable, future-focused way.”
– AllianceBlock Co-Founder & CEO, Rachid Ajaja

Recently, AllianceBlock recently launched a new technical roadmap featuring a full eight-piece product suite including a decentralized interoperability solution, white label liquidity mining campaigns, and trustless user identification.

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