Final Warning to ALL Crypto Investors…

BREAKING: SEC sues Binance Exchange! CEO CZ responds!! Let’s discuss the latest cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, …


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  1. 🔴 Scammers/bots are getting much worse!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. I will NEVER ask you to send me crypto. Also, do NOT be fooled by fake 'Amazon coin' spam in the comments. Be careful! 👍

  2. SEC is a JOKE of all times . Congrats to U Altcoin Daily for all your hard work from EU.Congrats to XRP Army and Long Live Binance. We will win.

  3. What has changed is he now has his big bank buddies greasing his palms, who wants to bet he scores a job or consultancy roll with a big bank when he quits politics 😉

  4. SEC is just a criminal organization in disguise, lead by Gensler, banksters and Wall Street mafia puppet… They are earning by illegal actions and sues vs everybody without any clear direction or regulations. They just dont care, bcs they dont have to.. They can do whatever they like, pathetic MFers

  5. 💝 HOS – unique, without competitors, GTA 4.5 developers are building a metaverse for adults HotelOfSecrets, games without restrictions

  6. Man SEC needs to buy a clue. Quite clear its US Gov trying to cripple crypto, USD is so screwed they dont want anyone to have an option outside of their broken system

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